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Problème avec Emui

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pour ta prochaine installation de rom (si nécessaire): tu peux toujours flasher par ADB si tu as un ordinateur windows ou linux:

(désolé je rédige ces guides pour des communautés anglophones, et là j'ai pas le temps de traduire, mais c pas sorcier comme anglais, et les sources sont pas en français de toute façon, si tu veux creuser)



1) download huawei update extractor and install it on Windows: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2433454

2) extract with it, the .img files from your desired rom .zip huawei package
(I advice:

for 501L : http://consumer.huawei.com/tw/tablets/support/downloads/detail/mediapad-x1-tw.htm?id=60006 (limited languages, but only official EMUI 3 sor 501L)

for 503L : http://emui.huawei.com/cn/plugin.php?id=hwdownload&mod=detail&mid=64

for 501u : http://emui.huawei.com/cn/plugin.php?id=hwdownload&mod=detail&mid=48

3) install ADB on Windows

4) Fastboot flash boot boot.img
Fastboot flash cust CUST.IMG
Fastboot flash cache cache.img
Fastboot flash system system.img
Fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
Fastboot flash user user.img
Reboot, do initial setup and settings --> reset

5) if still stuck at boot logo, put a ROM designed for your model (on any rom files in this dload folder  http://forum.xda-developers.com/huawei-mediapad/general/rom-kitkat-4-4-2-emui-2-3-320-dpi-t2923307 ), put it at the root of your SD card, insert the card in the device, and turn it on (that's the official huawei update way!)



Sources to download ADB/fastboot:


Details about ADB and fastboot flashes:




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