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[ROM] AN-Droid 2.0.0 GB-Sense 3.14 # FAST # STABLE # ODEXED # data++/stock

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Voiçi une nouvelle ROM qui viens de voir le jour aujourd'hui même sur XDA

=> http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1426339


Si quelqu'un à quelques screnshot de cette ROM sa sera sympa. Merci d'avance

Alors cette ROM est basé sur :

+Base: 3.14.405.1 HTC bravo Gingerbread Sense 1

+HTC "stock" kernel

+cpufreq available: smartass, powersave, interactive, ondemand

+perflock disabled

+CPU during boot: min 383 Mhz, max 998 Mhz - ondemand (could be changed by user - for example Set-CPU)

+no undervolt or overclocking

+init.d support

+data/app support

+fix: /data-space loss

+advanced power menu

+modded stock battery with %

+green overscroll glowing

+sd-speed fix

+cache2sd + ramdisk

+zipalign on startup

+vacuuming databases on startup

+fix: big applications are lost after reboot

+system-apps odexed

+framework odexed

+hosts on /data/data for easy update

+SU binary and app

+busybox 1.19.0

+Adobe Flashplayer

+Apps: Titanium Backup, Adfree, RomManager, FileExpert

Et voici le lien de la ROM :


AN-Droid 2.0.0 data++: https://rapidshare.com/files/9205855...2.0.0_data.zip

md5: 04458d88336099ad3ef8c8926933c700


AN-Droid 2.0.0 stock: https://rapidshare.com/files/3483458....0.0_stock.zip

md5: 4dd705a00063ee0252dc833efb3395df

changelog :

An-Droid 2.0.0:

+completely rebuild!

+removed File Expert

+added Es File Explorer - root access possible, enable in settings

+smooth scroll - mod (Thanks AndroidON)

+increased volume steps for every volume. Now from 0-20 steps! - After the flash check your volume-settings! - See picture here (Thanks AndroidON)

+CRT ON/OFF Animation (Thanks bananacakes)

+update RomManager

+update Titanium back

+update Voice Search

+update Google Search

+update hosts

+update Google Maps

+minor changes

+set slightly less agressive proximity sensor value than last version (time till phone comes out of the black screen)

Cause of the fact, the ROM is a completely NEW BUILD (new odexed), a few mods don't work at the moment with this:

- Remove %-battery and green overscroll glowing (like stock ROM) - done, available - see post 2

- QuickSettings mod - done, available - see post 2

- Black HTC Clock-Widget - done, available - see post 2

- Neverupdate Market

--> i will update this mods soon. The other mods will work with version 2.0.0

A few more things to know to this release:

- I recommend to do a full wipe flash.

- A update flash should work too... if you get problems, do a full wipe flash

- Don't use a UOT-Mod from the 1.x ROM, make it new with the files from the new 2.0.0 ROM

An-Droid 1.1.0a

+bugfix: Wrong version number (no need to update, if you are on 1.1.0 + patch)

An-Droid 1.1.0

+File Expert updated

+Titanium updated

+RomManager updated

+Google maps updated

+system/bin updated

+hosts updated

+Incredicontroll app added

+Removed teeter.apk - install as user app if you want it

+Removed flashlight.apk - install as user app if you want it

+Camera autobrightness fixed (camera app uses (auto-)brightness-setting of the phone and no longer Max-Brightness)

+more speed tweaks added

+fixed small bug in build.prop

+changed kernel to -snq's bravo- kernel - Thanks to -snq!

+brightness-levels fix

+2 way call record support (for example with rVoix)

+governors: interactive, conservative, ondemand, powersave, smartassV2, performance (ondemand set) - can be changed with for example SetCPU

+under- /overvolt possible (800 - 1350mV) - use build in "incredicontrol-app" - don't set voltage too low, try it before set on boot!

+ext3 and ext4 supported - all my mods support ext4 mount (if you get a unsuccessful flash, try to mount sd-ext in recovery before flash)

+modules build in

+modded WiFi-driver - better reception

+cpu freqency: 128 - 1190 Mhz possible (384 - 998 Mhz set) - can be changed with for example SetCPU - do this on your own risc and be careful!

+Trackpad2Wake&Unlock full working

+tweaked autobrightness (dark+) - see here for more informations - now full working

+battery improvements!

+Fixed space/PVT4 issue for the stock build

+Added a lot of locales**

**If you update the ROM without full wipe:

- Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All

- Search: Customization Settings Provider -> Clear DATA, Force Stop

- After that your language listing will be full

An-Droid 1.0.4 - 1.0.9 unreleased test-builds

An-Droid 1.0.3

+Market back to 2.3.4 --> fix FC

+Trackpad 2 wake&unlock enabled - thanks to snq and bananacakes!

+added HTC Teeter app - thanks beartiger!

+added HTC Torchlight app - thanks beartiger!

+updated hosts

--> please read this!

An-Droid 1.0.2

+Browser patched to manage up to 15 tabs :D

+Market updatet to 2.3.6 -> see post 2 for old/new market or "Neverupdate-Patch"

+Titanium Backup updated

+FileExpert updated

+VoiceSerach updated

+a few smaller optimizations

+Drag & drop Rosie (thanks to bananacakes)

+added massive APN-List

+updated system/apps odexed :D

+updated hosts

An-Droid 1.0.1

+build completely new

+updated Titanium Backup, FileExpert, Youtube

+latest flashplayer

+latest SU (app+binary)

+fix some reboot problems

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C'est une Rom simple sans gadget sous sense ancienne version

Tout a fait adaptée à la puissance du desire

Devenue depuis une semaine ma rom de tous les jours venant de Leedroid HD qui n'évolue plus

An-Droid est bien plus stable et rapide

De plus le developpeur est très reactif et à l'écoute

Je recommande VIVEMENT !!


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Je crois que je vais me laisser tenter par cette rom, car j'en ai marre des Roms qui même avec une classe 10 rament!

C'est bien sense 3-3.5,c 'est beau...mais c'est pas fait pour nos joujoux, même sur les téléphones pour lesquelles ils ont été développer, ça rame, j'en ai encore vu un ce week-end...

Vu que pour le moment ce n'est pas encore trop ça pour la version ICS, je vais tester et je vous tiens au courant!

Pour les screen, anderl78 en a rajouter sur XDA :


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Bon petit retour, elle est très fluide, franchement j'en suis super content.

Par contre le seul problème que je rencontre est la perte du réseau de temps à autre...seul solution un reboot....Est-ce que quelqu'un a eu ce problème avec cette Rom?

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