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[ROM] [11JAN] CyberGR-MOD | NS.NGN hybride v.3 + GLaDOS 2,7 | + CM9 AOKP | THUNDER * FAST ..!

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Bonsoir à tous ,

aujourd'hui je vous présente un "nouvelle" ROM sous ICS Stable .


  • Based and built-on from latest sources of CyanogenMOD 9 + AOKP

  • Kernel : Ezekeel`s GLaDOS V2.7 CFS (you can use which one you think is better.Recommended ICUP speedy3 and Matr1x 14)

  • Android version 4.0.3 - IML74K

  • Radio : free (you can flash which is best for you and your area, or stay with what u have now)

  • All the features till now supported from CM9 builts + AOKP additions

  • SD-Nand Card I/O Speedtweaks - EXT4 | Ram Tweaks

  • All Ezekeel`s Mods *BLN|BLD|BLX|Deep Idle|LIVEOC*

  • NSTools by arifhn Integrated to easily configure all the above Mods

  • Overclock able up to 1400Mhz + Extra Boost with LIVEOC

  • Zipaling on boot

  • Zipaling all apps for better Ram usage

  • Fully Deodexed

  • Rooted and Busyboxed

  • Fast times on Reboots & Boots

  • 3G/HSDPA Tweaks

  • Init.d scripts support

  • Newest Host File (Ads.remove)- 95%+ of ads are now blocked

  • Tweaked Trebuchet Launcher2.apk + 2 new wallpapers

  • New HD ICS Galaxy Nexus Boot Animation

  • Dev Tools + Spare Parts

  • CyberGR-MOD Control App (Massive thanks to RomanBB for letting me use his source code.)

  • Voodoo Control App

  • Debugging notification hide tweak

  • Working Media Effects under Video Recorder Settings

  • Facebook Sync hack

  • Newest Android Market and Google Music 4 ICS + MusicFX

  • Car Home Included | Modified Calculator with scientific functions | ES File Explorer by EStrongs | ICS Sounds with +2db Boost |

ROM Manager | Google Maps & Earth| Google+ & Messanger | Google Wallet |

  • And more..

  • What`s working : EVERYTHING!

Je suis actuellement en cours de test avec cette ROM suite à plus d'une semaine avec la AOSP+ V2.2.5 .

Ce poste va être modifier demain pour être plus propre . La je vais dormir :)

Pour le moment je la trouve beaucoup plus fluide que AOSP+ V2.2.5 .

Lien du post officiel : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1425344

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Download Ver.3 :
  • Dropbox :

  • MediaFire :

    MediaFire Pro file host kindly offered from user

  • CyberGR-MOD|NS.NGN ver.3 Hybrid ICS will be soon also into Rom Manager app. by Koush.
    Find it, Rate it, Leave a comment or feedback, Download it!!

Extras :

  • Gapps :
    No Gapps needed
    Please make a suggestion if you think that something must be removed or added reguarding the apps!

  • DSPmanager :
    In case someone still want it..!!But i don`t think there is a need.

Tips & Tricks :

  • Tip 1 :
    Launcher sometimes may be a little bit laggy when you open application drawer.Just press menu button when you are in home screen, select preferences and finally under Drawer menu un-check Join widgets with apps!!

  • Tip 2 :
    Optional -
    Go to Settings -> Developer options -> Background process limit and select At most 4 processes.

Disclaimer :

  • You can always flash what ever kernel you want but keep in mind that this custom ROM has been tested and has been found to be really stable and fast with all features working on latest Ezekeel GLaDOS kernel.

  • Recommended Kernel Alternatives :

    1 . ICUP Kernel by Eugene373 ->
    Has been tested and is working really well.Although you will not find some Ezekeel`s mods in this one like LiveOC and Lazy Gov!

    2 . Matr1x ICS Kernel by mathkid95 ->
    Haven`t got to much time to extend test this kernel but if you want give it a try and feedback.

  • Please be aware that you are flashing at your own risk.

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