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[ROM][10.04.12][Sense 3.5 Android 2.3.5][★★ SMS ★★ ] by ★ RSK TEAM ★ with AMAZE CAM [v.7.3][CM7R2][10.04.12]

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★ ★ Sense First 3.5 Rom Bravo avec Amaze Cam ★ ★

Membres de l'équipe XDA :
  • M. Mefisto
  • Tigrutza
  • Halaros 2

RSKrux_v.7.3 version d'essai TELECHARGER ICI

RSKrux_v.7.2 version actuelle TELECHARGER ICI

RSKrux_v.7.1 Télécharger la version d'essai ICI

RSKrux_v.7.0 version d'essai TELECHARGER


RSKrux_v.6.0 version stable TELECHARGER


Captures d'écran:





  • Removed some bin files
  • Changes in build.prop and resource
  • Removed some xbin files
  • Added Equalizer app and widget to control your sound effect levels on your phone. Improve your phone sound quality with the first true Equalizer app and home-screen widget!


  • Removed Battery calibration and Swype
  • Aroma installer 2.0A5
  • Removed Teeter and Vibration med.
  • Removed Htc quick launch blue and red
  • Removed Titanium backup and Led me know
  • Removed Bootscreen infinity and Fix wallpaper view
  • Changes in Build.prop
  • Added Adhoc
  • Added Set Install Location
  • Added Memory booster lite
  • Added Bliss rosie
  • Added Game Cih and Battery booster
  • Added the 6th Kernel by Droidzone-#18
  • RCMix3D Tweaks in Installer
  • Hack volume step increase media and bluetooth, now volume have 30 steps not only 15 like in all the other roms made for desire, you can test it with "audio manager"
  • RSK fusion takes a lot of ram so it will have a little lag if you choose
  • More smooth scrolling
  • Added audio manager


  • Removed Bliss fusion
  • Removed Bliss rosie
  • Removed Dsp manager
  • Removed some modules
  • Changes in Build.prop
  • Added System UI Halaros2
  • Added Framework-res Halaros2
  • Rsk custom Fusion


  • 5 kernels to choose in aroma installer
  • 5 System UI with different features
  • 3 new fonts:criticized, myst, orbitron
  • 3 Bliss Quick launch widget in different colours
  • 3 sd-ext Mods
  • Added Dalvik cache to nand in installer
  • Blue Setup Wizard
  • Custom Blue Framework
  • Blue Htc Settings
  • Custom Bliss Fusion
  • Some changes in Buid.prop
  • Changes in many xml to see who use this rom like base
  • Custom Bliss Rosie
  • Olivine and Turqoise skins
  • Swype touch input method
  • RSK fusion for custom lockring and navbar
  • Disable trackpad unlock in installer
  • New splash screen in aroma installer
  • Angel camera
  • Google Plus One
  • Google Play shop updated to v.3.4.7
  • Facebook updated to v.1.8.3
  • Custom RSK Wallpaper by default


  • Htc widgets fixed
  • Black Notification by default
  • You can choose White System UI notification in installer
  • Fusion apk stock
  • Blue sky and Burgundy skins revert to original
  • Added custom fonts in installer: stonsans, sonysketch, argos,droidlogo,museosans500, corsiva, comfortaa, ubunutu.It will be a lot more in future if users request
  • Added Infinity bootanimation
  • Added Sd speed increase by 1024, 2048, 3072, 4096.
  • Adeed "Led me know"
  • “Calibrating Tools” use it by pressing "Menu" button even when you see this changelog or before proceed to instalation of rom.


  • Stock or cm7/r2 Hboot
  • 1 to 1.5GB ext partition (ext4 recommended)
  • Recovery with touch drivers installed (latest 4ext touch recommended) S-off required

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