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[ROM] XenonHD v5.0 (16.06.12) *Linaro optimized*

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Team Horizon presents XenonHD


It's Rockstable and Blazing fast.


ICS 4.0.4 IMM76I




Trebuchet launcher with additional features and cleaned up.

DSP manager added.

CM music player added.

Apex launcher added.

Fancy widgets added.

Extended power menu with screenshot option.

Statusbar toggles.

180 degree rotation enabled.

Navigation bar button pressing speed quickened. (Galaxy Nexus only)

Scrolling cache improvements.

Support for caller display name.

Unlinking of of notification sound and ringtone value.

Separate headset and speaker volumes.

Battery percentage.

Volume rocker wake.

Long press volume rocker to skip tracks.

Kill app on long press back key.

Developer settings as shortcut option.

Use holo theme for activity picker dialogue.

Processor option in settings.

Launcher option in settings.

Toggles option in settings.

Added XenonHD wallpapers.

Added device specific settings.

Ability to use volume rocker as cursor.

Enabled wifi tether on Toro.

Louder output on speaker for Maguro.

Added Galaxy4, PhaseBeam and Holo spiral wallapers.

Wi-fi scan time to 100 to save battery.

Performance, battery life and other misc tweaks.

Init.d support.


Phone and Contacts application:

LTE and 2G toggle support in phone.

End call button in notification curtain.

Landscape while in call.

Access to statusbar while in call.

Lights out while in call. (Galaxy Nexus)

Option to exit to home screen straight after the call.

Added voicemail notification settings in phone settings.

Disabled accelerometer sensor while in call and screen is off.

T9 dialer option.



Power key as shutter option.

Pinch to zoom. (Galaxy Nexus)

Additional options.


Alarm and Clock:

Added a setting to do nothing/snooze/dismiss by flipping the device.

Hide buttons completely in fullscreen to prevent burn in and give a cleaner look. (Galaxy Nexus)

SMS and MMS:

Support for emojis.

Gesture support.


Download in post #2

Changelog in post #3

Screen shots in post #4

Team Horizon:



Thanks to:




Peter Alfonso



Le traditionnel changelog:



Theme Chooser added.

Octo lock screen added with sms and phone shortcuts.

Volume adjust sound preference.

Toast message for long press to kill added.

Apollo music player added.

File manager added.

Bug fixes.



Navigation bar customization option.

Lock screen targets customization.

Lock screen weather support + fixes

Theme chooser and framework fixes.

Clean up of display settings.

Apollo player updates from CM source.

Long press toast message changed.

Bug fixes



Lock screen calendar.

Lock screen weather: Units changed to upper case = other fixes.

Lock screen weather: Option to inver high/low.

Option to hide IME switcher.

Expandable volume bar.

Safe volume restore when headset plugged in option.

More theme chooser and framework fixes.

Added a menu item in browser called close other tabs.

Open in incognito tab option added on long pressing a link.

Browser tab setting changes.

Increased the tab limit in browser.

Bug fixes (Camera, browser, etc)

Lots more.


Linaro optimized build.

Fixed themeing of shutdown thread.


  • Auto sync upon network connection.
  • New no data and refresh indicators.

Enabled notification numbers.

Added an option to change the device host name.

Added Ad-hoc network support.

Added MusicFX back for those for whom DSP Manager doesn't work. (Default option in sound settings)

DSP Manager updated.

Apollo music player updated.

Busybox updated.

Trebuchet updated.

Apex launcher updated.

Galaxy nexus settings updated with more things. (WIP)

System/app cleanup (Toro)

Removed fancy widgets.

Lots of bug fixes and other changes.





Pour l'installation c'est comme d'habitude:


-flash rom + gapps


-have fun ;)

Mon avis:

Rien ne vaut un bon avis après une bonne description barbare !

Rom assez proche de la stock avec les quelques petit tweak indispensable:

- les raccourcis dans la statusbar

- les thèmes

- trebuchet pour les fan de cm9 (et apex pour les autres !)

Après ce n'est pas une rom qui propose une armée de changement comme l'aokp par exemple mais vraiment le strict nécessaire comme j'aime ! :)

PS: soyez indulgent c'est la première rom que je présente ! :)

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Perso pas de grandes différences, après peut-être que ça se sent plus sur l'autonomie (proc moins demandé), mais j'en doute (81% de batterie avec l'écran allumé pendant 41 minutes sur 45 minutes d'utilisation)

Pour Linaro vaut peut-être mieux attendre que les dev de google l'installe sur leurs propres build.

Et c'est toujours le même kernel (build du 13 avril)

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