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[APP] Nouveau launcher Sony

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Une petite niouze en passant !!!

Vous avez testé le nouvel home de sony ???

Je parle du home 2 qui apporte de nouvelles fonctionnalités !!!

je cite :


Changes from stock 5.1.S.0.0:

- Installable as normal APK on any Android 4.0.3+ device ROM

- Maximum number of home screens increased from 7 to 11

- The new Xperia Z dock background image also applied for HDPI and MDPI (besides XHDPI)

- Removed shortcut for selecting Sony color theme (themes do not work on most devices, if your device supports it, you can change the theme in: Settings -> Display -> Theme)

- App Drawer: The desktop scrolling effect also added to the app drawer

- App Drawer: Removed the backplate image

- Slightly decreased stiffness of the scrolling dynamics for the desktop app drawer


- Very limited customization features in comparison with Xperia Launcher 0.X.X and 1.X.X - to be changed!

- Full functionality is available only if the app is installed as system app (push to systemapp at set respective permissions - requires root)! - to be changed!

- If installed as normal app (no root needed), you'll be able to add only Xperia widgets to the desktop - to be changed!

- The Xperia widgets compatible with Xperia Launcher 1.X.X are also compatible with 2.X.X

- No support for custom DPI - to be changed!. -

je le teste actuellement

Je dis ce que j'en pense !!

de votre coté si vous voulez le tester


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