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[ROM][JB 4.2.2][AOKP/CM10.1/PA] --- ReVolt ---

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Features from Paranoid Android:

Pie UI

Hybrid Settings



Features from AOKP:

General UI

StatusBar & Navigaion Bar Transparency

Custom BootAnimation

Option to Disable BootAnimation

Custom Carrier Label

Notification Background

Notification Count

Option to Vibrate on expanding a Notification

Control StatusBar brightness slider

Hidden StatusBar Pull-Down

Option to hide/show IME Switcher

Allow 180-degree Rotation

Allow 270-degree Rotation

Wake up on charging

CRT Effect Controlling system

Kill-All Button in Recents Menu

Recents RAM Bar


Control Locscreen Text color

Lockscreen Battery Percentage

Control Lockscreen Rotation

Volume music controls

Wake device via Volume Rocker

Control Amount & allowed Widgets

Use Widget Carousel

Lockscreen Shortcuts on ring

Power Menu

Option to add Screenshot button in power menu

Option to add Torch button in power menu

Option to add Airplane more in power menu

Option to add Volume States in Power menu

Option to add button giving option to hide both SystemBAR and Navigation Bar

Option to control whether Reboot is shown on Lockscreen or not

Navigation Bar

Control Menu Button Location on Navigation Bar

Control Buttons Visibility

Add Arrow Keys while typing

Control Button Colors

Control Glow Color when button pressed

Hidden Navigation Bar

Widgets on Navigation Bar

Add extra buttons on Navigation Bar

Navigation Ring

Option to add up to 5 Navigation Rings

Control extra options on Longpress


Add Shortcuts for various apps, functions on Lockscreen, Left/Right on swipe, Quick Settings Panel, Notifications Panel


Control Amount of toggles enabled

Extra Toggles like StayAwake, Pie Enabling, Sleep and more

Control their size

Control amount of Toggles in one line

Fast Toggle

Custom Toggle

Toggling between Traditional, Scrollable or Tiles


Battery Icon only

Battery Icon Text only

Battery Icon with Text

Battery Icon with Centered Text

Special CircleMOD

Don’t Show battery

BatteryBar on SystemBar or navigation Bar


Control Clock Color in Status Bar

AM/PM Style

Day of the week

Clock Short Click , Long click and double click options

Centered Clock


Signal Indicator Style

Signal Indicator Color

WiFi Signal Indicator Style

WiFi Signal Indicator Color

GingerBread Style Signal Cluster

Hide Signal bard


Control LED Color

Control Duration and when to light on


Volume Panel

Frequency of Notification Sounds

Headphone plugged-in action

Phone Call silence

Face down audio mode

ReVolt Features

Dark ReVolt (Thanks To SlimROMs)

Font Size Controlling system

Expanded Desktop

Lockscreen Shortcuts (Thanks to ParanoidAndroid)

Enhanced Screen Security Features

cLock by CyanogenMod

Notification shortcuts (by SlimRoms)

PowerWidget (by CM)

DPI Controlling System

Camera Shutter sound controlling


CyanogenMod Profiles

Open-Sourced SuperUser (by Koush)

Site reVolt:


Si vous venez d'une autre Custom ROM:

1-Wipe Data

2-Wipe Cache

3-Wipe Dalvik-Cache

4-Flash ROM

5-Wipe Cache / Dalvik-Cache

6-Enjoy ReVolt ROM !!

Pour une mise a jour d'une ReVolt Build:

1-Wipe Cache

2-Wipe Dalvik-Cache

3-Flash ROM

4-Wipe Cache / Dalvik-Cache

5-Flash GApps

6-Enjoy ReVolt ROM !!

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4.4 out... avec Halo

Changelog :

1- Added support for various devices (officially support over 25 devices now !)

-m7ul, m7tmo, m7att, m7spr, jfltecan, jfltetmo, jfltespr, jflteusc, jfltevzw, jflteatt, and more !!

2- Added BAMF Theme Engine

3- Memory Leak Fixes (in frameworks_base and in frameworks_native)

4- Various updates and fixes for HTC One users

5- Addition of HALO multi-window notification system (By PA)

6- ReVoltControl has been added :

- ReVolt Control is an application based on ROMControl (By AOKP) which features various features specially for ReVolt ROM

7- Added Welcome app to help users know the ROM

8- Added option to share with people you use ReVolt ROM (In Settings => About Phone)

9- ReVoltLauncher has been added with various features

10- Replace CircleMOD with CM's Circle Battery with more functions

11- Added Rush Battery (Thanks to Rootbox)

12- Update Roboto Font (From Android 4.3)

13- LTE Toggle Fixes

14- Add Network Speed Indicator (Thanks to Team ThinkingBridge)

15- Added TeamBACKED's Toggle colouring system (Thanks to them and daxxmax)

16- Added HALO Colourizing engine (Thanks to daxxmax)

17- Halo could save it's place and can be disabled

18- MultiUser Selector has been cleaned up

19- Add 2G/3G option to Profile Connections

20- Added Music Toggle

21- Option to launch apps from Recents in Floating mode

22- Privacy Guard has been added

23- More Pie Options and optimizations

24- Various fixes and deadlock fixes

25- Fix Lockscreen FC/Reboot

26- Option to pause Underlaying app in Halo

27- Fix BatteryBar showing in all 3 places at same time

28- More Battery Friendly

29- New Auto-Brightness Controlling system

30- Lockscreen see Through

31- Low Battery Sound Policy Controller

32- Show date on 2 lines in Notification Center

33- Pie : Angle Chooser

34- Smoother and Faster Notification pull down

35- AOKP Ribbons updated

36- Fix Tablet UI Battery showing 0%

37- WirelessADB Toggle

38- AOKP Ribbons Toggles

39- Fix IME Switcher staying on top

40- Fix StayAwake Toggle

41- Don't Enable WiFi when AirPlane Mode is on

42- Added Hybrid Toggle

43- Added ReVolt Statistics

44- Added Hardware Key Remapping

45- Add CMFileManager (Except for AROMA Devices)

46- Add Apollo Music Player (Except for AROMA Devices)

47- ReVoltLauncher support Per-App-Color

48- MMS Updates

49- More Features added to Camera (Except for Nexus Devices_

50- Update Dark ReVolt for EMail app and add it for Calculator

51- HTC One users have a powerful kernel

52- Use PA's Custom Kernel for Nexus 4 Users

53- Fix Grouper Build and Fix n7000 and n7100 builds

54- Added optimizations for mako users

55- Specific Fixes and features for devices

56- Gesture Lockscreen Added

57- Add Custom Lockscreen BackGround option

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