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[Theme] 'Discreet Blue' MDM - ™ Toscha42 (v 1.03) [GT-I9505]

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'Discreet Blue' MDM - ™ Toscha42 (v 0.4) [GT-I9505]




Components themed so far:


Optical elements of UI, like check-boxes, radio-buttons, tabs, bars etc.


Icons in status bar.

Black status bar.

Status bar clock in blue.


'Over-colored' icons reduced in color.


Contact pictures eliminated.

Reduced line height for more contacts per page.



File Manager


Alarm Clock

Backgrounds deleted.


Style of bubbles.




Changed from brown look to grey.

11.05.13: v0.2

- Small cosmetics for icons..

- Icons size increased for connectivity status.

- Version 0.2 now available as flashable zip-file 'Discreet Blue by Toscha42 v0.2'.

- On special request SystemUI.apk with transparent status bar, flash only after the theme.

12.05.13: v0.3

- Settings dialogue - icon size fitted to suit display resolution..

- Download Update, the theme has to be installed first.

14.05.13: v0.4

- Bugfixing.

- Icon cosmetics.

- Download 'Discreet Blue by Toscha42 v0.4'.

15.05.13: Partial update

- Bugfixing in settings.

- Contacts and dialer themed.

- Alarm clock themed.

24.05.13: v0.5

- Migrated onto vrtheme (Villain's Theme Flasher), though not longer restricted to XXUAMDM.

- Download 'Discreet Blue by Toscha42 v0.5'.

30.05.13: v1.0

- Completely migrated onto vrtheme (Villain's Theme Flasher). The theme will run on all stock ROMs (odexed and de-odexed) and - most likely - also on Samsung-based Custom ROMs (not tested though).

- Download 'Discreet Blue by Toscha42 v1.0'.

- There's also a version available for those desperately in need for transparent status bar and notification bar. Flash only after you flashed the theme.

31.05.13: v1.01

- Some small inconsistencies corrected.

- Download 'Discreet Blue by Toscha42 v1.01'. Delta-update only, v1.0 needs to be installed before.

01.06.13: v1.02

- Battery as percentage also in blue.

- Delta-Update 1.01 included.


'Discreet Blue by Toscha42 v1.02', Delta-Update only, v1.0 needs to be installed first.

For those preferring a transparent status bar:

'Discreet Blue by Toscha42 v1.02 SystemUI transparent', Delta-Update only, v1.0 needs to be installed first.

02.06.13: v1.03

- Alarm clock icon (status bar) resized.

- Text colors in S-Planner (calendar) adopted to theme.

- Delta-Update 1.01 & 1.02 included.


'Discreet Blue by Toscha42 v1.03'; Delta-Update only, basic theme v1.0 needs to be installed first.

Installation :

- copier le zip sur la mémoire téléphone (sd ou interne)

- lancer le en recovery

- choisir install zip

- selectionner le zip dans la mémoire du téléphone (sd ou interne)

- lancer le flashage

- puis rebooter le téléphone


Currently not supporting MEA-ROM!

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