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[KERNEL] (005)TouchWiz(UV/Intelliplug/dyn fsync/FauxSound/Hybrid Linux 3.4+) [Jun-11]

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Voici un nouveau kernel pour le SGS4 LTE editions (JFLTEATT/JFLTETMO/JFLTESPR/JFLTEVZW/JFLTE)

NOTE: This kernel NE SUPPORTE PAS le format exFAT sur les cartes de 64 GB !

Option 1: formatez votre sdcard en Fat32 au lieu de exFat

Option 2: formatez en NTFS, ensuite utilisez NTFSMount sur le Play Store pour avoir acces à votre carte de 64Gb

Hacked Thermald CWM flashable (Fix Max Freq not stick issue, NOT FauxClock's fault tongue.gif )


[Versions STABLE ]

Change log for ALL versions:http://faux.androidr...2/changelog.txt

***** INTERNATIONAL LTE (Europe/Asia/Australia/Middle East/South/Central America)

International LTE version (GT-9505) : http://faux.androidro.ms/jflte/jb42/...ux123-005m.zip

International LTE version (GT-9505) : http://faux.androidro.ms/jflte/jb42/...ux123-005u.zip (version overclocké)

[BETA Versions ]

GT-9505 => http://faux.androidr.../jflteeur/beta/

Paramètres ecommandés dans FauxClock App

FauxClock App recommended Settings"

CPU Control

  • Max clock - GHz 2.1 GHz for performance, 1.7 GHz for battery
  • Min clock - MHz 162 MHz for both
  • CPU Governor - Ondemand for performance, Intellidemand for battery
  • mpdecision - Off
  • Snake Charmer - OFF for performance, On for Battery
  • Eco Mode - Off for performance, On for battery
  • Set On Boot - On

SOC Control

  • Set On Boot - On
  • C0 - On
  • C1 - On
  • C2 - On

Voltage Control

  • Set On Boot -
  • Global CPU Voltage - Your preference

intellidemand gov control

  • Up Threshold - 75 for both
  • Boost Frequency - 0 for both
  • Two Phase Freq - 1350000 for both
  • Sampling Rate - 50000 for both
  • Optimal Freq - 1566000 for both
  • Synchro Freq - 702000 for both
  • Set On Boot - On

GPU Control

  • GPU Governor - ondemand for both
  • GPU Clock - 487Mhz for performance and 320 Mhz for battery
  • GPU Vsync Toggle - On for both
  • Set On Boot - On for both

I/O Scheduler Control

  • I/O Scheduler (eMMC) - FIOPS for both
  • Readhead Size (eMMC) - 1024 for both
  • Set On Boot - On for both

Misc Control

  • Dynamic File Sync - On for both
  • TCP Congestion Control - Westwood for both

Vibration Control

  • Set On Boot - On for both
  • Vibration Control - Your own Preference

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