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Centralisation des Mods

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Centralisation Des Mods

Samsung GT-I9505




Frandroid, XDA et moi ne pourront être tenus responsable des conséquences sur vos téléphones. Toujours effectuer un backup avant d'installer un mod, attention il y a toujours un risque de BRIQUE.




[MOD]3Minit Framework

For Jellybean 4.2.2. DEODEXED roms only. Framework modifié regroupant plein d'option ci-dessous.

Select Am pm size
Show/Hide day on statusbar
Show/Hide date on statusbar
Select date style
Day and date as uppercase
Select center/right aligned clock
Set any color time and date
Full battery notification on/off
Low battery notification on/off
Usb connection sounds on/off
Show/hide No notification title
Show/hide ongoing title
show/hide ongoing items
Set statusbar to any color and transparency
Set dropdown to any color and transparency
Any color battery
Any color wifi/data icons
Any color statusbar icons
Any color toggle icons
Any color toggle button background
Alarm icon on/off
Bluetooth icon on/off
Vibrate/Mute icons on/off
Lock screen button on statusbar on/off
Carrier text on/off
Custom carrier text
Any color carrier text
Any color battery text
Any color/transparency dropdown header
Any color Header buttons
Show next alarm on dragbar
Add on button to dropdown header choose None/Recents/Clear/Lockscreen
Toggles text on/off
Toggles indicator on/off
Any color toggles text
Set statusbar any image
Set dropdown any image
Hex color setter
Select from 20 different battery types
Select Time and date size
Option to size dropdown clock too
Select brightness slider text color
Fast Shutdown
Fast Reboot
Fast auto boot into recovery
Long press back kills app(multiwindow moved to menu key) or
Long press menu kills current app
Set any mid battery value
Set any low battery value
Set any mid battery color
Set any low battery color
Show/Hide battery
Show/Hide blocking mode icon
Airplane mode icon is now colored
Long press volume buttons skips tracks
Wallpaper scrolling
Drop down clock has its own color
Drop down date has its own color
3 New toggles added:
Power Off
Reboot menu with (Reboot, Recovery, Download modes)
Pressing home on lockscreen toggles torch (with on/off toggle in settings) can also be set to long press
Option to have 5 or 6 quicksetting toggles displayed
Any color battery on/off
Toggle control (turn unused toggles on/off)
Toggles order shortcut added
You can now set data/wifi data arrows to stock
Choose between 5 different 4g images
Any no notification title text color
Any On going title text color
Any notification title text color
Any clear button text color
Set S View screen time out
Any color S View time
Any color S View day
Any color S View date
Any color S View ap/pm
Any color S View missed call text
Any color S View sms notification text
Any color S View playing track title
Quick pin unlock
Multi widgets on secure lockscreen
Camera on secure lockscreen
Hide lockscreen carrier text
Stock look setting (one click revert)
No notification title backgroung color
On going title backgroung color
Latest items title background color
Added (so far many more to come) button actions
Menu long press {Default, Kill app, Multiwindow, Launch any app, Torch, Disable, Screenshot, Recent apps}
Back long press {Default, Kill app, Launch any app, Torch, Disable, Screenshot, Recent apps}
Home long press {Default, Kill app, Multiwindow, Launch any app, Torch, Disable, Screenshot}
Home long press on lockscreen {Torch, Press and release torch, Disable}

Donate version 3.0+ only
Completely re-written
Ime switcher on/off
Added date style (01/01/13)
Space before am/pm
Header clock size
Header clock am/pm size
Header clock show and hide am/pm
Any image toggle buttons background (5kb <) tested with image size(H92 W50 pixels)
Any color dragbar image

Donate version 3.2 only
Any image/color/transparency clear button in dropdown
Dragbar background ang color/transparency
Smart eye icon on/off
Loud volume warnings on/off
3 Screen off effects {none, crt, fade}
Resizable navigation bar
Notifications background any color/transparency
On going notifications background any color/transparency


[MOD] JKay Deluxe v0.5.2.1 alpha

For XXUBMH1, XXUBMGA.Acces au parametre et aux applications acceleré. Petit, simple et rapide sans consomation de batterie. Requis CMW recovery


[MOD][AROMA]CodexHD™ v4 Ultimate

Regroupent de divers application Samsung et Sony ainsi que divers application d'autre constructeur permetant une meilleur optimisation et une meilleur exérience?? A TESTER

System Apps ProBAM

Asus SuperNote not works on i9003
AirAccpet With Gesture
Hovering Controls
OG youtube downloader
YouTube Popup Player
3G and Wifi Meter
Whatsup Modded
LG Pro Keyboard not works on i9003

System Apps Samsung

S4 launcher","Install S4 launcher/weather 5 x 4 cells widgets
Samsung Calculator > Calculator S4
Samsung Memo > Install Memo S4
Samsung Paper Artist
Samsung Smart View
Samsung Voice Recorder
Samsung Healt

System Apps XPERIA

Honami launcher
Honami Media > Instal Xperia i1 Honami Z Ultra MEDIA APPS :: not works on android 4.3
Honami Keyboard > Install Xperia Keyboard
Honami Note
Honami Widget > Install Clock/OnOffTools/RecentCalls/Weather/Photos/Contact/Music
Honami TrackID
Honami Sketch > App by sony for drawing sketch

System Apps Explorer

Root File Explorer > JrummyRootBrowserFree
ES File Explorer
MI File Explorer
CM File Explorer

System Apps Music

Samsung Music Player
Apollo Music Player

System Tweaks

Pimp My Rom
Tweak ProBAM init.d > Speedups/Drop garbage in caches/Defrags database files/Zipalign/Renice on apps

System n7100 only

CMSPen not works on i9003
SPen Helper not works oni9003


[MOD]Update Fix (CM10.1 Only) jfltexx


-Modified DSP Manager + Library to work properly with i9505 (jfltexx)
-smooth scrolling (framework.jar)
-mediaprofile.xml optimized
-GPU tweak (at init.d folder and build.prop) : only for CM kernel (nenamark2 60.2 fps)
-reduced : bootanimation size / screen density (440) => looks better


[MOD]Volume Boosting Sound

Mod permettant de booster le son (2 niveau différent a télécharger + Stock)


[KERNEL/MOD][AROMA] Kernel Chooser V0.4

Mod permettant de choisir via l'aroma installeur un Kernel (Stock,OC,etc...)



Mod augmentant la vie de la Batterie, augmente la réactivité de la connection internet et des performances systemes et lock le gps.Beaucoup de tweak sont fournit a tester.

Tweaks include-
Crossbreeder V7.2.13 (Idcrisis link in the thanks section)
wifi_wait (Kobridge)
gps.conf (Exit_Only & g_ding)
Memory tweaks (Modded Kobridge)
Test screenstate Variant (screen off = deep sleep, Modded Phakker)
Init.d test script (Exit_Only)
NOS - Injection (modded) (Exit_Only)
and more

Infromation About CrossBreeder-
- This is a new take at Android lag reduction. It's lightweight and won't consume battery. Users have reported drastic improvements in usability and even benchmark scores. It will show noticeable improvements - Android devices from Donut to Froyo to Gingerbread to Honeycomb to ICS and Jellybean.
- This is a combination of 5 different methodologies to reduce Android lag.
- Removal of DNS lag . A lot of the lag in a lot of apps, apart from the GUI lag, is due to slow DNS querying, specially on the mobile network.
- CrossBreeder now runs a caching, parallelising DNS client on the device. So now most of your DNS queries will be served from the cache and if not found, the query will be sent in in round robin fashion to multiple DNS servers including Google DNS, OpenDNS and your home router and the reply will be served to you, hot.
- This speeds up network access and networked apps, like Browsers of course, and Tapatalk, Gmail and thousands of others drastically. And removes a lot of the lag where it was due to DNS querying. This will not increase your network or download speed but pages will load much faster.
- This will future proof your devices as more and more apps start using HTML5 and/or reside completely as web pages or the like.-


[MOD]Swap sdcard

Permet d'installer la data des applications sur la carte sd.


[MOD]3Way Reboot

Ajoute un menu reboot au Power Menu.


[MOD][ME2/ME3]Black Statusbar / Battery Full Notification disabled

Toute est dans le titre. ONLY DEODEX


[MOD][MFD]Extended Power Menu for SimBug

Ajoute "hot reboot" au Power Menu.


[MOD][MEA]Extended Power Menu

Ajoute "hot reboot" au Power Menu.


Ajoute le mod Bravia Engine 2 et les Driver Son du Xperia Z


[MOD]Docs AOSP-a-Lizer

Transforce l'UI de certaine application en UI ICS

Contacts and Dialer
Calendar (Dark themed with Calendar with Textview (month) mod)
Email (Inverted)
MMS (Inverted)


[MOD] All in 1 Mods

Inclue plusieur mod dont le Power Menu extented, le Transparent Multiwindw

- CRT-OFF Mods
- All Apk in MultiWindow
- Transparent Multiwindw
- Extended Power menu 4
- Disable scrolling cache
- Disable signature check


[MOD][MDN/ME2/MEA/MF8] All Apps Multiwindow

Permet d'utiliser toutes les applications en Multi-Fenêtre


[MOD] Enable navigation bar 4.2.2

Ajoute la Nav Bar (peu utile)


[MOD][MF8]SecSettings Torchlight Option

Ajoute le Mod Lampe Torche. DEODEX ONLY.


[MOD][MF2/MF4/MF8]7 apps lockscreen+INK effect+MIUI BatteryBar

Ajoute 7 lockscreen, la batteryBar du célèbre MIUI et des effets sur le lockscreen





Merci de partager, liker et signaler tout problème, merci.

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Centralisation Des Mods

Samsung GT-I9505




Frandroid, XDA et moi ne pourront être tenus responsable des conséquences sur vos téléphones. Toujours effectuer un backup avant d'installer un mod, attention il y a toujours un risque de BRIQUE.





Désolé mais c'etait trop tentant le risque de BRIQUE


:D :D :D :D :D

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