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[ROM][5.1.1] Chroma 05/10/2015 | Français | Layers | Final Lollipop

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J'hésite.. parce que là à 13h j'ai déjà plus que 15% e batterie.... :mellow:


Utilisation : écran allumé souvent mais pas longtemps pour envoyer des textos, quelques surfs internet, 2 petites parties d'Heartstone et c'est tout... :(

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Au fait, l'option pour passer les musiques lorsque l'écran est éteint ne fonctionne pas pour moi.


Avez-vous tester ?


édit : et toujours la batterie qui, personnellement, est bien moins bonne qu'avant. Obligé de recharger à 15h si j'ose utiliser mon téléphone dans la mâtiné.  :mellow:

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Post mis à jour les amis 



Chroma Android 5.1.0 Series 04/25/2015
Added: Additional stability and performance patches from various repositories (see github)
Added: Allow/prevent notification light in Zen mode (settings > sound & notifications > interruptions)
Added: AOSP Keyboard long press symbols
Added: Blacklist phone calls and/or text messages (settings > security > blacklist)
Added: CyanogenMod's silent mode (settings > sound & notifications > interruptions)  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^  ^_^ 
Fixed: Navigation bar buttons on portrait tablets and incorrect size
Layers: Expose settings for tint
Removed: Bluetooth - Change disconnected icon to be 40% transparent
Removed: Bug report key combination to prevent accidental triggers
Removed: Omni's implementation of ambient display in favor of stock Google ambient display. Use AcDisplay if you like the further customizations.
Removed: Omni's implementation of silent mode in favor of CM's silent mode
Removed: Timberwolf layer, get it from the Play Store
Updated: APN list (Separated T-Mobile GPRS to IPv4 and IPv6)
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Post mis à jour les amis 



Chroma Android 5.1.0 Series 04/28/2015

Added: Ability to press volume down to enter none/silent mode  :)  :) 

Added: Allow no applications in navring

Added: Disable camera shutter sound

Added: Exchange2

Added: Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime

Added: Per app controls for lollipop keyguard notifications

Added: Stability, memory leak, optimization, performance patches from various repositories (see github)

Fixed: Gesture typing not properly on working AOSP keyboard if a user is using a GApps package other than BaNkS

Fixed: Some users were not able to access data on Sprint. This is now fixed once and for all, existing users may need to reset their APN list to default (in APN list)

Launcher3: Change application icon

Torch: Remind user flashlight is still on after screen off

TorchService: Improve state management

Updated: Default battery style to circle

Updated: Reorganized settings

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J'ai installé hier la dernière version de Chroma et depuis je n'arrive plus à accéder à l'application Facebook. Comment se fait-il ?

J'ai tenté de le désinstaller et réinstaller mais ça ne change rien ...

Merci d'avance !

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Nouvelle mise à jour du post initial les amis 


Chroma Android 5.1.1 Series 03/05/2015

Added: Ability to disable bar color in battery saver mode

Added: Allow WiFi & Bluetooth tile details to scroll

Added: Chainfire’s SuperSU 2.46 stable built-in  :excl: 

Added: In-call proximity sensor toggle (dialer > settings > calls)

Added: Increasing ring feature

Added: Omni silent mode  :excl: 

Added: OTACenter by Slim/EOS modified for Chroma (huge thanks to jolinnard)  :excl: 

Added: Privacy guard slim version (settings > security > bottom)

Added: Status bar header long press actions


long press battery to bring up battery saver

long press clock to bring up clock

long press date to bring up calendar

long press Settings for quick tile customization


DeskClock: Add cLock shortcut in menu

DeskClock: Checkboxes to switches


Fixed: Fast scrolling not working in Contacts properly

Fixed: Volume music key control while ambient display is enabled


Mako (N4): Add modified Franco Kernel r217 with camera working (thanks to jolinnard again!)

Mako (N4): Remove touch boost spam


Removed: Google AppOps

Removed: Status bar clock color


Stk: Update to materialized icon


Updated: Optimizations, performance, memory leak fixes, stability patches (see github)

Updated: Trim navigation bar buttons and tune spacing

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