Vitre cassé kit glass et coque (échanges) Onplus

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Voici mes échanges avec le support pour le changement de la vitre qui est dans un kit que j'ai acheté en plus avec le téléphone.

Réponse de leurs parts illégales puisque selon la loi française la rétraction ou réclamation est de 7 à 15 jours.

Aucunement dans les conditions générales de vente, il n'est stipulé qu'un colis reçu non vérifié dans les 24h ne pourra être pris en charge pour un remboursement ou remplacement.
Sachant en plus que le colis était prévu pour le 4 décembre 2017 (mail de confirmation de commande), je l'ai reçu le 24 novembre 2017.
De plus, vu que je n'attendais pas ce colis de suite, je n'étais pas présent chez moi pour la réception.
Le livreur avait déposé le colis dans ma boîte aux lettres, je l'ai fait revenir pour le déposer à une voisine.
L'enveloppe plastique UPS était complètement replié et scotché et en dessous y avait le trou où l'on voit sur une des photos.
 Il me prenne presque pour un arnaqueur qui voudrait se faire remplacer sa vitre pour cause de mauvaise manipulation, malgré les preuves en photos de l'état du paquet et étui de la vitre.
Echanges qui virent à la mauvaise foi, je fais donc pas dans la dentelle pour leur répondre vu la tournure des événements.

Bien à vous.


Accessory || Replacement || RMA #13RS20171128000054

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    SydneyNovember 28, 2017 18:31

    Hello Claude,

    Good day!

    I hope you are doing well today. Thank you for reaching OnePlus Customer Support. This is Sydney, an RRR (Return, Replacement, Repair) Specialist and I will be handling your ticket for today.

    We have received your RMA request. I understand how important it is to have the screen protected from any scratches.

    Before we proceed, I'd like to ask for clear pictures of the parcel where it was placed since we may need to have the case investigated in order for us to identify more about the issue.

    Also, I would like to inform you that this kind of issue should be reported within 24 hours upon receiving the items. So, I would like to know the reason as to why it wasn't reported within the 24 hours period after it was delivered.

    In addition, please be informed that we need your response within 3 days for us to be able to provide the most appropriate solution for each case otherwise we might need to cancel your RMA.

    Looking forward hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,

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    ClaudetomNovember 30, 2017 13:43

    the parcel was delivered on a Friday afternoon, at home in my mailbox, then following my call, he removed the package from my mailbox, to give it to a neighbor. While I was waiting for this one around December 4, 2017. 
    This Friday 24/11/2017 weekend included, I was not at home, so unable to check before the content.

    It should be known that in France, the delay is 7 days for the retraction. 
    The packaging box is slightly too small in height, that's what had to force on the product! 

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    JinNovember 30, 2017 16:45

    Hello Claude,

    I appreciate you for answering the queries on the previous email.

    Kindly send us a proof (e.g. receipt, ticket) as to why you are not home during the delivery. We will be needing this proof for the investigation as this was reported outside the 24 hour period.

    We appreciate your cooperation throughout!

    Best Regards,

    RRR Specialist

  • Avatar
    ClaudetomNovember 30, 2017 19:50

    Good evening, 
    it is impossible to provide you with a proof. 
    Indeed, I was at my friend's house. Moreover, I really waited by the parcel on the day of November 24, 2017 but December 4 as indicated when ordering. Knowing that it would arrive on the 24th, I could have arranged to be present.Les questions become ridiculous, I do not ask for a refund of the entirety of my order which is 581 €! 
    But simply the replacement of the tempered glass, which arrived noncompliant with my order (OPS0728541917112161715), broken glass in the packaging .I therefore request, the replacement of this article and also at the same time the regulation where it is well indicated, that a non open within 24 hours, can no longer be supported in case of defect, for the replacement of parts under warranty.In other words the French legislation (place of delivery) gives right to seven days of retraction, or claims.

    Phone number of the UPS delivery person (33 6 51 36 96 43), who can tell you that I could not be there, who then backtracked to pick him up from my mailbox or dropped him off, to give him to a neighbor I am assigned to him to keep the package time, that I come back a few days later to my home.


  • Avatar
    Customer SupportNovember 30, 2017 22:47

    Hello Claude,

    Thank you for reaching us, we appreciate your response. This is Robin, an RRR (Return Replacement Repair) Specialist responding on behalf of Sydney and I'll be glad to assist you today.

    I'd like to highlight that it's necessary to report this issue within the 24 hours of the delivery date. This is important because the parcel and the item in the order may have been exposed to other factors outside of the delivery, which may have resulted in the issue with the tempered glass screen protector.

    Since this was reported outside the 24-hour period, this currently falls outside of our ability to provide a replacement for the screen protector.

    Let me know if there's anything else I can clarify or if you have other concerns.

    Best regards,

    RRR Specialist

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    ClaudetomNovember 30, 2017 23:28

    I bought a product in perfect condition, I receive a broken product, no way to go, it is reported that a package must be open or even be necessarily present for its receipt. 
    In this case I expect the replacement of it, which must be in accordance with the article to order and that as required by the French legislation, within a period of 7 days. 
    If this is not respected by your, it denounces a bad faith of your company, and obvious theft (for the sale of defective products not comform). 
    A sold article must arrive at the customer in the state where it was ordered, so nine in perfect condition!

    If after the many exchanges I do not get compensation from your company, I would be obliged to make my dissatisfaction legally and report it on all forums stipulating the brand OnePlus!

    the exchanges will be transmitted for proof. 
    I have never seen for many years that I order on the Internet (Amazon, Cdiscount, Rue du Commerce, etc.) such bad faith, especially from a company that is not well established.

    Today I regret bitterly to have put my trust in one of your products OnePlus5t, compared to what is happening today, for a simple exchange of a product that must cost the manufacture that 2 € to produce.


  • Avatar
    Customer SupportFriday at 01:12

    Hello Claude,

    Thank you for the response.

    I understand where you coming from and this is not what we want you to experience. What I can do is to forward this case for investigation and please allow 24-48 hours for an update.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Best Regards,

-------------2eme ticket----------------
Request #1759742

Accessory || Replacement || RMA #11RS20171205000029

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    SydneyTuesday at 19:25

    Hello Claude,

    Good day!

    I hope you are doing well today. Thank you for reaching OnePlus Customer Support. This is Sydney, an RRR (Return, Replacement, Repair) Specialist and I will be handling your ticket for today.

    We have received your RMA request. I understand that you wanted a replacement for your OnePlus 5T 3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Please be advised that we'll have to cancel your RMA request for the reason that all accessories that are for replacement will be done by means of a Replacement Order.

    I have seen that you have a previous contact and for us to further assists you I'll go ahead and forward this ticket to Supervisor. Please allow us 24-48 hours.

    Should there be anything else, don't hesitate to let us know.

    Best regards,

  • Avatar
    ClaudetomTuesday at 20:40

    I wait, with impatience that this window of telephone is replaced by another in perfect state, and well protected during the sending, so that at the reception it arrives without being broken, like the preceding one. 
    THank you

  • Avatar
    BaileyYesterday at 03:49

    Hello Claude,

    A pleasant day to you!

    This is Bailey, a Supervisor from OnePlus Customer Support and it's my pleasure to assist you with your concern today.

    I have been informed about the situation. We have further assessed your case regarding your OnePlus 5T 3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Based on the facts provided, I'm sorry to inform you that we are unable to provide a replacement. Based on the pictures provided, we are able to determine that the damage was not caused by workmanship nor materials used. The point of impact from the left side of the Tempered Glass Screen Protector doesn't correspond to the undamaged side of the thick cardboard sleeve.

    I know this is not the answer you are looking for, but I hope everything has been clear with the explanation provided. For more details, you may refer to our Warranty Policy at our Privacy and Legal page.

    Should you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know.

    Best regards,

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    ClaudetomYesterday at 20:15

    To start, I was a customer who still paid 581 € with Kit for this phone. 
    I find your answer, really unpleasant! 
    Indeed on a simple photo you are able to determine that the cause of the breakage of this window is the customer, I say the opposite, that it was present when unpacking the case, photo as evidence.

    With this answer you take your client outright for a liar and a thief! 
    If that had really been the case, I would not be satisfied with the simple glass but the entire package! 
    It also proves that you are interested in your customers, looking to be more or better than the competition (Samsung, Apple), but in doing so, 
    it's true that you represent more than a mediocre business with an incompetent support service. 
    It is unfortunate that something or behavior can still exist. 
    It goes without saying that if I had bought it in store, I would have had no hold to return it to you by hand! 
    Chip for a simple glass to change, we really wonder what service does the support! 
    It is going to be said, that considering the turn that takes things, expect the good pub, and especially me that changes of laptop approximately every 6, 8 months, 
    that your brand will be on my blacklist, I will hasten to broadcast the exchanges that have been made, friends, colleagues and forums as well as social networks! 
    in France the [mention d'application hors charte] of expression exists on condition of providing the proofs, no worries I have this in my possession.

  • Avatar
    ClaudetomYesterday at 20:22

    I bought a new product, not broken! 
    so you are here to give me that! 
    If the package has been damaged during transport, this is your responsibility. 
    according to French regulations, the power of complaint and renunciation is 7 to 15 days. 
    60 million consumers, CLCV.

    you want to be a model company, in case send me an RMA so that I return the product + packaging included (better than a photo!) 
    to make the exchange.

    I have nothing to hide, do not steal! 
    especially having bought a phone more than 549 €!

  • Avatar
    Claudetom Yesterday at 20:55

    As you press your replacement annals on a single photo and not the call of the product concerned, by mail, attached other photos that shows the impact, which at first sight seems not serious, but is more serious at the opening of the package and holster.

    Externally the package was in an opaque plastic package of UPS so traces not visible externally without opening

  • Avatar
    Claudetom Yesterday at 21:29

    Since you do not judge the good faith of your customers, but on pictures of crime scenes, I found it good to watch everything and to photograph. I have of course available the elements for your investigation. Send me an envelope for the return if it comforts you on my good intentions!

  • Avatar
    BaileyToday at 02:10

    Hello Claude,

    Thank you for your responses.

    We appreciate your efforts in providing us more context by the means of pictures detailing the issue. I understand that you want to get to the bottom of this issue. I'd like to highlight that it is important to report this kind of issues within 24 hours as external factors aside from shipping may have been involved.

    As much as we want to grant you this replacement request, we are unable to do so as we are bound by our process. I hope you understand.

    Should you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know.

    Best regards,

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