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[KERNEL] MIDNIGHT-0.5.4-test/2011-08-25/BLN/Voodoo10/NOOP/...

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Comme je suis en train de le tester sur la rom SuprSam, j'en profite pour ouvrir un sujet sur ce kernel:


- based on I9000-GB-Update Samsung sources, merged with Update2

- built using 2010-q4 toolchain

- UV/OC (max. 1,2Ghz, 1300mV possible) (thanks exitz)

- defaults to 1Ghz+stock voltages

- Tweaked Speedmod sharpness/color and

- Speedmod CWM (RFS/EXT4/tweak options,...) (thanks Hardcore)

- VoodooSound10 (thanks supercurio), BLN (thanks neldar)

- CPU: optimized CONSERVATIVE governor, IO: NOOP scheduler (info), optimized memcopy

- various tiny speed improvements

- custom bootanimations (bootanimation.zip)

- CIFS module, LOGGER module, toggle via CWM

- WARM/COLD color mode, toggle via CWM

- CWM option to toggle 2048Kb read_ahead tweak for sdcards

- CWM option: remove all init.d-scripts

- CWM option: remove all custom bootanimations

- CWM option: remove start/shutdown sound files for more space on /system (for rooting/full /system)


- bugfixing/stabilizing as needed


- flash from sdcard using sgs-kernel flasher or

- from Linux terminal: extract zImage from TAR, enter download mode and flash it using Heimdall from PC using "sudo heimdall flash --kernel zImage" or

- flash tar archive with Odin (caution: cannot test, don't use Odin/Win)

- Midnight currently does *NOT* wipe Caches or clean init.d on your system, you can use CWM to do both.


Root can be installed via CWM menu. If it does not work due to not enough free space on /system partition you can use another CWM option to remove start/shutdown sounds and try again.


FIlesystem conversion can be done via CWM. Please be sure to apply/revert the conversion with the same kernel.

lien xda: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1199140

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un petit retour sur ce kernel:

- tout fonctionne bien: bln, oc/uv,..

- GPS: fixe en moins de 10s !! (mais bon j'avais la même chose sous semaphore)

- Autonomie (données recueillies via battery dog):

en veille je perds 1 à 2% / 8h

en usage (wifi ou 3d) j'ai un drain plus faible que sur le kernel semaphore (-20%/h vs -23%/h)

après usage le retour à l'état stable est plus rapide (retour t° batterie + moins de drain)

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0.6.1 il vient de sortir il est vraiment magnifique avec beaucoup options

0.6.1 / 2011-09-17

- CWM: bugfix, enabled option 11 in UV menu

- CWM: added [default] marker, added IDs to UV settings

0.6.0 / 2011-09-17

- Upgraded proprietary modules to JVR

- minor speed tweaks

- added VR IO scheduler

- adjusted some tweaks (sources here)

- toggle CPU 1.0/1.2Ghz via sysfs + reloading cpufreq_stats module (thanks to stratosk for his great idea to switch the frequency via 2 functions in cpu-freq.c)

- lots of new CWM options:

-- shutdown from CWM

-- choose CPU max.freq 400/800/1000 or 1200Mhz (=4 steps)

-- choose CPU governor (conservative, ondemand)

-- choose CPU undervolting preset (10 presets for now)

-- choose lowmemorykiller preset (7 presets for now, 4th value=process killer)

-- choose IO scheduler (noop, vr, deadline, cfq)

-- choose read_ahead (sdcards) 512/1024/2048/3064/4096kB

-- choose touchscreen sensitivity presets (stock + 3 presets for now)

-- moved filesystem conversion to seperate menu

-- option to delete local.prop, S_volt_scheduler and Midnight config files

Sources updated @Github, too. The commits are a bit messy as I did the most changes during vacation without internet access... hope you like 0.6.0.

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