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[TUTO]Comment rooter son Razr[Windows]


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somebody help me, Hi everybody, I've a big problem with myMotorola XT910 Verizon 4G-LTE This

phone was on 4.1.2

rooted it and installed Safestrap recovery

successfully but when i power it on it boot into

AP Fastboot Mode, i everytime manually boot

to normal boot by pressing the 3 butons. I

used Matt's DROID_RAZR_Utility_Jellybean_

XT912 to fix it. Done with success but no

network! I tried to fix it too and now my

problem started. My BIG mistake is i tried to

flash another official firmware and now it's

stuck on this screen: AP Fastboot Flash Mode

(S) (Boot Failure) 0A.77 eMMC Info: Size 16G To

return to normal mode - first press power key

to power down Devices is LOCKED. Status

Code: 0 Battery OK OK to Program Transfer

Mode: USB Connected Invalid CG OTV (CG:

Invalid SP Data) Invalid CG Version (CG:

system) Invalid CG OTV (CG: system), je flashé plus d 10 toujour fail 6/12, 6/19, ... please help me

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