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[ROM][GSM][AOSP] IML74K Android 4.0.3 Build 6 - STABLE, MODS

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Que pensez vous de cette ROM ?



  • Built from AOSP source code - synced 12/31/2011
  • Stock look and feel with useful mods
  • Rooted and busybox preinstalled
  • Facebook sync enabled
  • 3.0.14 Apex Kernel built from source, 1.35GHz capable, UV controls
  • Advanced Power Menu w/ reboot and screenshot options
  • All apks deodexed/zipaligned/optimized


  • Google: for creating ICS and the AOSP
  • birdman: for CMDA build, proprietary files help, helping me fix camera effects
  • kejar31: helping me with the gapps, APM, auto restore fix, and more
  • CyanogenMod: Trebuchet launcher, back button app killer, and more
  • paulobrien/romanbb: facebook sync fix
  • WJDDesigns: optimized boot animation
  • imoseyon: kernel pointers and UV control fix



  • Fully functional
  • Gapps finalized for 4.0.3
  • Market Autorestore is fixed
  • Customizeable Trebuchet Launcher (slightly modified by me)
  • Updated Kernel to 3.0.14, 1.35GHz capable (1.2GHz boot), voltage control
  • OI File Manager (updated interface to HC/ICS style)
  • Lowered rotation delay (faster orientation changes)
  • Fixed string error in Browser ('Find on page')
  • Long press back to kill foreground app (toggle in Developer options)
  • Reverted HSPA icon back to H (previously 4G)

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