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[A VIRER] XDA indisponible

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Vous l'aurez sûrement constaté, XDA est indisponible pour le moment !

En vous connectant vous tomberez sur ce message :


Along with Reddit and many other sites, we have decided to go dark (beginning at 8AM ET) for a period of time today in protest of pending Internet-related legislation in the US. Our goal is not to raise awareness of this legislation. We assume most of you know all about it. Our goal is encourage users like you to get involved.

Once 50,000 US visitors have signed our pledge below, XDA will return. The current pledge count is: 43773

This pledge is only for US visitors of the site, though you can help the cause by getting your family or friends in the US to contact their local Senator or Representative. We are tremendously sorry for the inconvenience and hope to return online soon.

To find the contact info for your local member of Congress, visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation and enter your zip code.

Today is a monumental day in the short history of the Web. Wikipedia and many others have joined the protest. We hope you will do you part to maintain the free Internet (and bring XDA back online)!

Note: If you see the pledge count decline, it is because we are actively removing duplicate IP addresses from the pledge list. This is the best way to get a real pledge count and ensure no abuse.

Si j'ai bien compris c'est en signe de protestation contre les projets de lois aux USA de censure du Web, d'ailleurs de nombreux sites ont fait de même comme Wikipedia !

Article : http://www.goopilati...-sopa-pipa.html

Je sais pas exactement combien de temps cela durera, mais apparemment XDA attend 50 000 signatures avant de reprendre (ils en sont pas loin) !


Edit : Les 50 000 signatures sont atteintes, donc comme l'a signalé indian65 en dessous, retour demain aprem !

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