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[ROM][JB][TC] PAC [ Paranoid + Aokp+ Cm10.1 ] [Update 14-12-2012] et [DEV][ROM][KERNEL][GPL][4.2.2] PAC-Rom 22.0.0 - Official [AOKP][CM][PA]

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PAC est un mélange des roms AOKP, PARANOIDANDROID et CM10!!!!

" Pourquoi choisir quand on peut utiliser tout à la fois !? "


- [ROM][JB][TC] PAC [ Paranoid + Aokp+ Cm10.1 ] [update 14-12-2012]

- [DEV][ROM][4.2.2] PAC-Rom 20.0.0 [AOKP][CM][PA]

PAC ROM 22.0.0


* Linaro Optimized Kernel

* All in One Rom [CM, AOKP and PA]

* PhoneUI

* Latest Version 20.1.0

* Some Features from AOKP

* All Feautures from PA

* All Features from CM

* Ofcourse JellyBean 4.2.2


* HW Acceleration

* Sound

* Sensors

* Auto Brightness

* Display

* Touch

* Project Butter

* Tablet/Hybrid UI

* Bluetooth

* WiFi


* Themes (for AOKP, CM)

* AOKP Settings

* Ril (Call, SMS, Microphone)

* Data

* Youtube LQ/HQ

* Camera

* ParanoidSettings

* In-Browser-Video Player :D

* PIE Control and its Settings

* PA 3.10 Color Control and Layout Changer







* Improved Stability and Smoothness

* Fixed all remaining bugs in last Rom version (related to framework)

* Added 3 new Gov's (lagfree, smartassh3, galaxyics)

* barely Improve Battery Performance and Life

* Last PA Sources

* Last CM Sources

* Fixed USB Debugging and ADB ;)

* See Full Changelog (v.21.0.0-xx.x.x) here


* Improved performance and stability

* Current highest CPU Clock Speed is 787 Mhz now!

* You may see a new governeur from GalaxyICS (USE IT, i recommend to)

* Updated CM Source (partially, sry xD)

* Updated Pie Control, no ui bugs anymore :)

* Fixed the strange HIGH Ram consumption part

* See Full Changelog here


* Fixed almost anything in Rom Control (So only one Feature remains broken, am/pm style)

* GNex 4 Wallpapers

* updated to Android 4.2.2

* Improved Touchscreen

* Updated PA to 3.00

* 1 more thing is remaining broken: the add button for custom tiles

* Improved Touchscreen and Stability

* Fixed some other things i cant remember (like CRT animation)


Changement de la taille du Lockscreen ne fonctionne pas bien!

Le multi utilisateur ram

Pas toute les fonctionnalités de l'AOKP ont été mise dans cette rom

DOWNLOADS :http://tinyw.in/HieQ

Kernel Sauce: https://github.com/O....amsung_msm7x27

Sources : http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2141770

PAC 14/12/2012



TUTO :( j'ai traduit le même tuto présent sur xda mais apparemment je n'est pas la permission de le poster... C'est pourquoi j'ai simplement fait un copier coller, j'espere que vous comprenez l'anglais ;) ... )

1] Comment avoir un nouveaux mode de bureaux?untitled-2jvzs3.png

2] Comment changer l'apparence d'une applications?



1) Native USB tethering

2) Native Wi-Fi tethering

3) Google Now


Date 14-12-2012

fixed bluetooth

fixed camcorder

fixed HQ playback of youtube

Date 27-11-2012

Another Fix for volume & music track using volume rocker button when display off (15 steps)

MMS CM10 base - AOKP style

AOKP nightly

SystemUI: Fix/Update Cog Circle battery mod

Add alpha settings to Circles lockscreen rings

CM10 Nightly

PA 2.55

Fixed AOKP toggles (all available now)

Fixed AOKP navigation bar targets (7 now)

Provide haptic feedback on long pressing keys in lockscreen.

Default device volumes not initialised

AudioService: Don't adjust volume when vol-downing to vibrate or silent

Merge "PT-BR: Added missing translations" into jellybean

Framework: Fix Profiles Insecure lock screen not working

Remove duplicated and unneeded code

shorter debug out

Notification: add option to show connected wifi network

Suppress String resources build warnings

WeatherPanel: Add toast

SystemUI: Cog Circle Mod Battery

Default device volumes not initialised

Lockscreen: Add Circles Lockscreen to AOKP

SystemUI:Widgets fix & Class Move

Lefty Mode for NavBar

SystemUI : Fix NPE on Rotate

NavRing: Long press actions.

TransportControl: Remove unnecessary check

Fix volume track skip control with 3rd party applications

Date 1-11-2012

Fixed issues that you got with last build

so camera will work well as well as all settings of rom control and paranoid setting work well

Date 28-10-2012

new camera hal by Wayland

Compiled with latest sources of Paranoid , AOKP and CM10

Date 15-10-2012

Fixed camera with preview ( thanks to lagloose for CameraHAL

Jellybean 4.1.2

Paranoid 2.21

latest changes from CM team and AOKP team

New crt-off animation ( thanks to evilisto)

fixed Calculater FC

Date 5-10-2012

Fixed notification sound bug . now its loud enough

Fixed CRT-OFF Animation

BLN Fix - need to test as I'm not using this so test and tell whether its work fine or I need to fix it again

notification blur fixed - http://forum.xda-dev...96&d=1349437356

Paranoid 2.17

and latest changes of CM10 , AOKP and PARANOID



Wipe data

wipe cache partition

Wipe dalvick

install from sdcard

Si vous êtes sur l'ancienne version et souhaitez mettre a jours la rom vous n’êtes pas obliger de faire les wipes ( sauf wipes cache partition AVANT de flasher la nouvelle version )

PATCH : N'oublier pas mount système avant de flasher les patchs!!

bln fix : http://forum.xda-dev...87&d=1350304909

Gapps : https://hotfile.com/...taKANG.zip.html

Lien direct vers xda : http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1911478

Bientôt: peut être une nouvelle version :D

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