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i9000XXJPH ?


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Apparemment il y a du mieux quelqu'un a réussi à le booter

It is nice and fast, JIT is on (same as JPC), Flash working fine, the start up "wizard" has been color tarted up a little, all much the same but yeah it feels fast and nice How is everyone else doing ?

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- On Windows 7, open your C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file and add the following line to the bottom and save it: fus.samsungmobile.com

- Now start KIES, go to update, and enjoy, thats it.

- Once complete, go back to the file above and REMOVE the entry, else your KIES will NEVER EVER update correctly again. If you forget well, lol @ you.

- This will work while ever Samsung leave the file on their FUS server OR 24 hours, after which I will kill my FUS alias server, someone else can deal with it by then

EDIT: YES YES YES Kies will say current firmware is ??? ... so what... it works - don't argue with me ! lol.


Obligatory internet charity spiel: If you enjoy my work, punch a midget in the face.

Est-ce qu'en France ça fonctionne également ?

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