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Touchwiz Nature UX 5.0 dispo pour les I9000

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A tous ceux qui aiment l'UI du Samsung Galaxy S III

Voici enfin disponible TW 5.0 pour nos GS


LINK V1.1:

http://dl.dropbox.co...y XaToR 1.1.zip

Installation :

- Flasher via le recovery

Changelog v1.1:

-Folder FC fix

- Layouts fix

Disponible en 180 et 240 dpi

Changelog v1.2:

-Corrected an issue when populating folders in Applications menu in Alphabetical Grid, the last page has empty places.

-Changed appearance of the tabs, more like ICS.

-Replaced the Edit Icon in tabs for Play Store Icon.

-Removed the play store entry of the options menu.

-Changed the width of the open folder like ICS, the width is adjusted to the number of elements.

-Changed the position of the title in Folders, now is at bottom of the folder and centered.

-Corrected and issue with the edition of the folder name in Home Screen, when press the back button, text was empty.

-Now, the folder may be created like ICS, if you drag over an App Icon another one, then the folder is created, this only works in Home Screen, in Apps Menu Screen the creation remains the same.

-In Dock bar, you can create folders too, you must drag desktop icons over dock icons and vice versa to create folders, if you drag Dock icons over Dock icons, you swap places.

-When the folder has only one app icon then the folder is replaced with that App icon, like ICS.

-Adjust the size and capitalization of fonts in the App Menu title bars, (Tabs, Edit Mode, Downloaded Apps, Share Apps, Hide Apps)

-Removed the entry to create folders in Home Screen, from Home Eidt Mode Menu and Add Menu, to create folders use the method described above.

-Changed the Widget Search Bar to place the magnifying glass icon inside the box.

-Changed the Title of App Icons in Home Screen and Home Folders to display it in only one line and with ellipsis if the text is cut because there's no gap.



Changelog V1.3:

-Placed open folders so don't cover the Dock Bar.

-Now the App Menu Button can drag to any place on the Dock.

-Corrected an issue with the Number of Gmail Message, added permission for read the gmail database.

-Changed play store icon.


Thanks to:




(basé sur le topic original de XDA)

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Si tu ne l'avais pas, c'est que tu n'as pas fait ce que je t'ai dit dans Paramètres/Applications/Apex, remettre par défaut le lancement de l'appli, je ne l'ai peut être pas dit comme ça tout à l'heure mais c'était clair tout de même. ;)

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L'installation de Touchwizz ne change rien à la barre de notification pour la simple et bonne raison que la barre de notification, c'est le fichier systemUI.apk qui lui tu ne peux mettre le même sur toutes les versions ICS et qui n'est évidement pas inclus dans ce pack. Ça a toujours été le cas sur n'importe quel Rom et n'importe quel version d'Android.

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