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[ROM] PARANOIDANDROID 3.99 RC2 - 4.3 JB - 21 septembre 2013

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J'sais pas chez vous mais en ce qui me concerne la sauvegarde/restauration des reglages paranoid sont d'une utilité douteuse...

A chaque mise à jour je restaure la dernière sauvegarde faite sur une base de réglages qui me conviennent.. bah après application et redémarrage je dois quand même choisir le layout UI et refaire mes réglages d'applications. En gros la sauvegarde ne sert à rien !

C'est pas que j'en ai pour long à refaire les réglages mais j'me demande quel est l'intérêt de pouvoir les sauvegarder.

Chez vous ça fonctionne ça ?

Sinon, très content de cette rom, en plus depuis les dernières mises à jour l'autonomie de ma N7 a fait un bon incroyable. La gestion de la veille semble bien meilleure et même en laissant le wifi On, les synchro etc, je ne perds que 1-2% en veille la nuit par ex. Resultat j'arrive à tenir plus d'un WE sans recharger le bouzin :P

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Nouvelle MAJ de la ROM :

Fix for trebuchet crash in tabUI

Fix for tabUI do-not-disturb setting against notification-popup (switch off notifications in the toggle section of your tabUI notificationcenter and you won't be getting these awful nag-pop-ups.)

ParanoidWallpapers refinements

Missing google r6 patches, merged by cm

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Voici le changelog :

Tablet UI: "Notifications" in the notificationpanel/settingsview will now control the nag-overlay. Switch it off and you wont be bothered by it anymore. Notifications still come in with sound, icons show still.

Tablet UI: The notificationticker (the overlay) had a double avatar for messages. AOSP bug, looks perfect now.

Double recents SHOULD be fixed now. in rare cases it happened that you get twice the amount of your recents, mostly at startup. AOSP bug.

Front activity is not hidden from recents anymore. That means you can close the currently running app by swiping the thumbnail away. Also pretty neat for accessing hybrid props fast.

Center clock method rewritten, avoiding invalid behavior

Statusbar transparency method also rewritten to change alpha instead of background color

Googles latest revision 6 has been merged by CyanogenMod. If you're using a Nexus it will probably kill every phone out there right now regarding speed and snappyness. For those who don't, buy nexus next time, or wait for samsung to give you project butter next spring.

Bugfixes, lil bit of memory saving.

Known issues:

Statusbar transparency can still cause issues for some devices, especially in tabUI. If you experience flickering, blinking or anything strange please set your statusbar opacity to 0%

Anything that shuts down the navigationbar will mess with googles home-button swipeup-to-gsearch function. There will be no delay anymore. You can reboot and it will be fine. Its an aosp issue - but we will look into it.

Some users reported that trebuchet in its tabUI crashes. We dont maintain it and hope that cyanogenmod will fix it. If not, should anyone of us have time we'll look into it as well. Should you have that, either use another UI layout, or try a different launcher.

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Version 2.17 disponible, apparemment le seul changement est le fix du gps.

Mais la version 2.18 n'est pas loin:

new changes in upcoming 2.18

double ime in tabUI gone

gmail crash for searchresults should be fixed (gmail bug actually' date=' but i would stretch the strict rules in android a tiny bit). this should allow you to run gmail in any dpi possible.

new encryption measures thanks to eugene san

navbar transparence, it flickers on nexus devices though

google now hold-off delay fixed after sysUI goes down

double icon in tabUI messagenotifications is gone, instead it shows a small app-icon to the right

several bugfixes

we're currently trying to resolve an issue that goo seems to have - goo doesnt send out notifications and lists us under "OGWisdom" in the statistics, we have no idea how and why.[/quote']

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