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[ROM] Android Revolution HD 11.2 | High Quality & Performance | XXCML2 | Jelly Bean

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Oui le kernel de boeffla, il est plutôt pas mal, j'utilisais déjà ce kernel sur mon S3.


Kernel uniquement pour N8010 et N8013.


Il y a la possibilité de d'OC le cpu à 1.6ghz, de régler le son je trouve ça bien pour augmenter le son des hauts parleurs que je trouvais un peu faible.


Voici la liste des modifications:



* To tweak and configure the kernel, load the app "Boeffla-Config" from Google play store (or androidpit.com)
* Upstreamed to Linux 3.0.98 (www.kernel.org)
* Based on Samsung source code GT-N8010_JB_Opensource_Update3
* Initramfs from ucmh2 stock kernel
* CPU "soft" overclocking to 1500 or 1600 MHz
* CPU undervolting interface
* Configurable zRam
* Configurable touch boost frequency
* Configurable early suspend time (for screen off animations, 100ms default)
* Boeffla-Sound engine V1.6.4 to unleash the power of the audio hub wm1811
* Additional governors: zzmoove 0.7d and lulzactiveq
* Governor profiles for pegasusq and zzmoove for performance, battery saving etc.
* Additional schedulers: ROW, ZEN, BFQ (v6r2) and SIO
* Schedulers configurable separate for internal and external SD memory
* SD card read ahead buffer configurable separate for internal and external SD memory (default increased to 256 kB)
* Black crush fix for better balanced display
* Ext4 File system tweaks (default to on, can be disabled)
* System Tweaks predefined supported (default is off)
* WIFI Multicast filter for better battery life
* WIFI wakelock times reduction
* Proportional rate reduction for TCP
* TCP congestion changed from Cubic to Westwood
* Wifi mac address change support
* Dynamic fsync 1.2 implemented
* Timeout for external SD card changed to improve handling of crappy SD cards
* Custom boot animation support
* Swap supported (but not recommended, use zRam instead)
* init.d support (in /system/etc/init.d - set correct permissions!)
* NTFS (read-only access only!) compiled as a module
* CIFS compiled as a module
* NFS compiled as a module
* XBox controller support as module
* exFat support switchable (switch it off if you do not need it)
* Battery monitor wakelocks reduced
* Kernel can root if required (create file "autoroot" on internal sd and reboot)
* Android logger can be disabled
* Kernel logging can be disabled
* Disabled various debug logs and traces
* Frandom compiled as a module (for mods like Crossbreeder)
* Triangle away supported
* Automatic EFS backup to external (priority) or internal SD Card (fallback)
* Kernel initialisation log file (with history of 3 log files)
* Insecure kernel (adb has root rights), this enables commands like "adb remount" etc.
* Compatibility to common standard apps (Voltage Control, SetCPU, System tuner etc.)
* Compiled with Google arm 4.7 toolchain
* Internal kernel busybox version 1.21.1

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bien cette rom est tourne bien, par contre le Battery MOD fout la m**** sur la barre de notification! 

et quand on regarde sur le thread de XDA il est indiqué Because the new Script based on VRThemer you dont need an extra Battery MOD for the N8010/N8013... alors qu'on ne peut pas choisir d'avoir du pourcentage de batterie au lieu de la barre

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superbe rom c'est clair.

quelques points "négatifs" selon moi :

1° La limitation dans le choix du programme de gestion "Root" 

=> perso j'ai une préférence pour SuperUser de ChainsDD car je le trouve plus stable et complet

2° Le fait qu'il n'y a pas la possibilité de virer les applis Samsung.

=> certaines font clairement double emploi (S-Calendar, S-Voice,...)


Sinon pour le reste, aucune autre n'arrive à ce niveau de perfection.

Mais il faut reconnaître aussi qu'il n'y pas bcp de choix non plus :(

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On peu faire la mise a jour via la tablette ou il faut installer en zip?

On perd ses données ou pas?

L'installation se fait depuis la tablette.  Démarrage en mode recovery.


wipe data est toujours conseillé

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Nouvelle version dispo;


Android Revolution HD 11.2
--- release date: 3 March 2014 ---

  • Re-deodexed using latest smali/baksmali
  • Removed zipaligned on boot because every .apk is zipaligned already
  • Moved init.d trigger back to ramdisk
  • Updated tune2fs binary
  • Updated sqlite binary
  • Other minor changes and fixes
  • Included and updated applications:

      --- Data partition ---
      Adobe Flash Player (Android 4.0+)

      Adobe Flash Player (Android 2.0+)

      Adobe Reader 11.1.3


      ES File Explorer


      Twitter 5.1.4

      --- System partition ---

      GmsCore 4.2.39 (Android 2.3+ / SDK 9)

      Gmail 4.7.2 (Android 4.0+ / SDK 14)

      Gmail 2.3.6 (Android 2.2+ / SDK 10)

      Google Play 4.5.10

      Push Service (Samsung devices)


      SuperSU 1.93

      --- Aroma installer ---

      Google Hangouts 2.0.303 (Android 2.3+ / SDK 9)

      Google Maps 6.14.4 (Android 2.2+ / SDK 8)

      Google Maps 7.6.1 (Android 4.0.3+)

      Google Plus (Android 3.0+ / SDK 11)

      Google Street (Android 2.2+ / SDK 8)

      Google YouTube 5.3.32 (Android 2.2+ / SDK 8)

      Google TalkBack 3.5.1 (Android 2.2+ / SDK 8)

      Google Chrome 33.0.1750.136 (Android 4.0+ / SDK 14)

      Google Music 5.4.1409N.1014766(Android 2.2+ / SDK 8)

      Google Keep 2.1.01 (Android 4.0+ / SDK 14)

      Google Drive 1.2.563.31 (Android 2.3+ / SDK 9)

      Google Search (Android 4.1+ / SDK 16)

      Google Search (Android 4.0.3)

      Google Search (Android 2.3.5)


Edited by Cédric
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