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[ROM][CM10.1.2] - modded - [stable-20130712] / [Nightly-20130706] - OTA

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CyanogenMod 10.1 modded for Galaxy Ace

Caractéristiques / changelogs :

  • contient additional google libs, permissions and framework files.
  • Certaine appli supprimer comme music.apk, CM Filemanager (besoin de place mais vous pouvez les télécharger depuis le market)
  • Trebuchet Launcher supprimer et ajout d' Apex Launcher
  • Ancien play store supprimer et ajout du nouveau play store (so no space in /data/app gets wasted with market auto update after flashing)
  • Ajout d' email and exchange
  • (2013-03-29) Ajout Google Sound Search Widget
  • (2013-04-01) Ajout Transparent Lockscreen Widget (Thx to nikwen)
  • (2013-04-03) Ajout Total Commander File Manager
  • (2013-04-16) Ajout PinCode BugFix from JorEquis
  • (2013-04-16) my new mdpi optimized version of CyanogenMod LockClock (cLock v2.2.2a based) - thx to lagloose for helping wink.gifhttp://review.cyanog....org/#/c/36367/
    (2013-04-24 -pas besoin de loger needed DvTonder merged LockClock mdpi qui est supporté into CM sources)
  • (2013-04-26) Mise a jour d' ApexLauncher 2.0.0beta1
  • (2013-04-26) Mise a jour du PlayStore to Version 4.0.26
  • (2013-04-26)Ajout du nouveau CyanogenMod LockClock v2.2.3 avec full mdpi support
  • (2013-04-26) added ROM OTA-Update support :D
  • (2013-04-26) mise ajour PlayStore to Version 4.0.27
  • (2013-05-07) updated CyanogenMod LockClock v2.2.4
  • (2013-05-07) added Dalvik optimizations
  • (2013-05-07) added Battery improvements
  • (2013-05-07) ajout Battery improvements
  • (2013-05-11) maj Apex Launcher vers v2.0.0
  • (2013-05-11) ajout quelque tweaks
  • (2013-05-17) maj Apex Launcher vers to v2.0.1
  • (2013-05-17) maj PlayStore vers Version 4.1.6
  • (2013-05-17) supression Google Talk (Installer hangout a la place )
  • (2013-05-20) maj Apex Launcher versv2.0.2
  • (2013-05-21) maj SuperSU vers v1.30
  • (2013-05-30) Maj Google PlayStore vers la version 4.1.10
  • (2013-06-08) integration du patch GPS V4
  • (2013-06-14) integration du patch V5
  • (2013-06-15) updated SuperSU to v1.34
  • (2013-06-19) ajout de quelques tweaks
  • (2013-06-22)maj Apex Launcher vers v2.0.3
  • (2013-06-22) Maj Total Commander File Manager vers v2.02
  • (2013-06-26) ajout de performance et de stabilité
  • (2013-06-26)ajout de quelques dalvik changes
  • (2013-06-22) updated Apex Launcher to v2.0.3
  • (2013-06-22) updatedTotal Commander File Manager to v2.02
  • (2013-06-26) added some performance optimizations
  • (2013-06-26) added some dalvik changes
  • (2013-07-04) updated SuperSU to v1.41
  • (2013-07-05) replaced Roboto font with new Roboto font from Android 4.3
  • (2013-07-06) replaced DroidSerif font with new DroidSerif font from Android 4.3(S4 leak)
  • (2013-07-06) replaced SoundSearch Widget with SoundSearch widget from
  • Android 4.3 (a bit smaller filesize now) (S4 leak)
  • (2013-07-06) replaced NetworkLocation with NetworkLocation from Android 4.3 (S4 leak)
  • (2013-07-06) integrated patched services.jar (thx to ullasmanju)
  • (2013-07-08) added some performance/graphic tweaks


  • Redemarrez sur CWM Recovery
  • Wipe data/factory reset
  • Format /System
  • Install zip from SD card / choose ROM zip from SD card
  • reboot system now

Downloads :




Version with CM-Superuser - cm-10.1.2-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

(md5: 570d2a27d6b24833619dc09691968935)

Version with SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1.2-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

(md5: 2a018881c3c177201a190328532a8554)

Version with SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1.2-GT-S5830-cooper++fb.zip

(md5: 40f0d27f69cd86f917c568e20560c2a6)

Extras Package: extras_2013-07-12.zip (not cwm flashable)

(md5: 703c91a8c43aae93100cfc4d0d8b4e4c)

A-GPS Hotfix: included in rom


Version with CM-Superuser - cm-10.1.1-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

(md5: 76f5666553ae1c2a2aae62965bb16d95)

Version with SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1.1-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

(md5: 9978e7ea28a59df93cce1d8bb8e70e1a)

Version with SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1.1-GT-S5830-cooper++fb.zip

(md5: b58881b39e879e5320dfe87cf118d8ec)

Extras Package: extras_2013-07-10.zip (not cwm flashable)

(md5: 9a05757aee56e1907c015ff61bc25b56)

A-GPS Hotfix: included in rom


Version with CM-Superuser - cm-10.1.0-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

(md5: 20f12ac4d7498deb7f4d6967960fb8a6)

Version with SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1.0-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

(md5: a1076782794a4915487f32add4c7a741)

Version with SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1.0-GT-S5830-cooper++fb.zip

(md5: 0f15aee88ec180c23e0f77e897b89bca)

Extras Package: extras_2013-06-26.zip (not cwm flashable)

(md5: eeae0469a6be8f36bc9d892163122961)

Patched Services.jar: OOM-Patched_services.zip(thx to ullasmanju for patching it)

Original Services.jar: undo_OOM-Patched_services.zip


Version with CM-Superuser - cm-10.1.0-RC6-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

(md5: 769553e22b06c3f43ce7401645363120)

Version with SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1.0-RC6-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

(md5: d37b7323ba1bfd5c18520480f8c2eeb0)

Version with SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1.0-RC6-GT-S5830-cooper++fb.zip

(md5: 3bb4021c9fb846ef86cd6b36a2b86ae7)

Extras Package: extras_2013-06-23.zip (not cwm flashable)

(md5: d1f945662dc6c022f675cf1ea22e3ec2)

2013-06-08(uploading to Androidfilehost for manual Download)

Version with CM-Superuser - cm-10.1.0-RC5-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

(md5: 1e4eff7f7226b786d8137a52e82c2537)

Version with SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1.0-RC5-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

(md5: c822772fef5f020271caa1ed1b97cb95)

Version with SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1.0-RC5-GT-S5830-cooper++fb.zip

(md5: 41bd8dd7cd11c440290a3df5a8bc5029)

Extras Package: extras_2013-06-08.zip (not cwm flashable)


Version with CM-Superuser - cm-10.1.0-RC4-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

(md5: 186dc971c307f41f192edf09333849fc)

Version with SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1.0-RC4-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

(md5: 7fd11cefad7eb549c4b67ebcfe346bd5)

Version with SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1.0-RC4-GT-S5830-cooper++fb.zip

(md5: 405a6f8d5473a91261821befd8502b63)

Extras Package: extras_2013-06-01.zip (not cwm flashable)

2013-05-20(Maj pat OTA aussi )

Version with CM-Superuser - cm-10.1.0-RC3-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

(md5: 72766e1c928e033ade5b372267f994da)

Version with SuperSU -susu-cm-10.1.0-RC3-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

(md5: 3cfd5d98ff0f6f4e90ed532780bc3be8)

Version with SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1.0-RC3-GT-S5830-cooper++fb.zip

(md5: 6e7500726b1d4528366a5d7be6226655)

Extras Package: extras_2013-05-20.zip (not cwm flashable)

2013-04-26 (maj par OTA)

Version avec CM-Superuser - cm-10.1.0-RC0-1.1a-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

Version avec SuperSU susu-cm-10.1.0-RC0-1.1a-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

Version avec SuperSU and Facebook sync ability -susu-cm-10.1.0-RC0-1.1a-GT-S5830-cooper++fb.zip


Version avec CM-Superuser - cm-10.1.0-RC0-1.1-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

Version avec SuperSU -susu-cm-10.1.0-RC0-1.1-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

Version avec SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1.0-RC0-1.1-GT-S5830-cooper++fb.zip


Version avec CM-Superuser - cm-10.1.0-RC0-1-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

Version avec SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1.0-RC0-1-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

Version avec SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1.0-RC0-1-GT-S5830-cooper++fb.zip

NEW HOTFIX (2013-04-18)for PinCodeBugRemover:Hotfix made by JorEquis (Flash after flashing ROM Zip!!) Big thx for it


Version avec CM-Superuser - cm-10.1.0-RC0-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

Version avec SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1.0-RC0-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

Version avec SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1.0-RC0-GT-S5830-cooper++fb.zip



Version with CM-Superuser - cm-10.1-20130706-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

(md5: 1a8a11a83dcd44a587bd905b3063f207)

Version with SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1-20130706-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

(md5: dc497a7e74b3e8bd1bbd688fb2d278c3)

Version with SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1-20130706-NIGHTLY-cooper++fb.zip

(md5: 781605805dd188980c8f0aee6ecdf565)

Extras Package: extras_2013-07-06.zip (not cwm flashable)

(md5: 2eec2ea2efe5cd2ae53fac73de6b3bcc)

A-GPS Hotfix: A-GPS_Hotfix_2.zip (fixes gps lib and daemon)


Version with CM-Superuser - cm-10.1-20130622-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

(md5: 06310c001535dac8cd28a91da558b6a3)

Version with SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1-20130622-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

(md5: fbbf2d9aab4714a5e13ce177fab25833)

Version with SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1-20130622-NIGHTLY-cooper++fb.zip

(md5: f0b5d72e5e89baaf37f67801a3ff78f4)

Extras Package: extras_2013-06-22.zip(not cwm flashable)

(md5: 4b98fcdc2a7f945e81964332d534cd4b)


Version with CM-Superuser - cm-10.1-20130619-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

(md5: 9e14dfe9b6d5886fd5614e9182ecd88a)

Version with SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1-20130619-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

(md5: 208158776d826eb3af10f8de6a1162fe)

Version with SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1-20130619-NIGHTLY-cooper++fb.zip

(md5: b9d21bd918e7e07411abd04ea1705202)

Extras Package: extras_2013-06-19.zip(not cwm flashable)

(md5: 788e11c6a4237e7ce0f5d01af9cf5642)


Version with CM-Superuser - cm-10.1-20130615-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

(md5: a85d812f4e0c39f6edd486ab42975f48

Version with SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1-20130615-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

(md5: 6cc4036048a1d5e88736160753685db3

Version with SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1-20130615-NIGHTLY-cooper++fb.zip

(md5: cf80b806e61c1cbc1c77c36422067e04

Extras Package: extras_2013-06-15.zip(not cwm flashable)

(md5: d304a8523eecf3b3eba11adec7974674


Version with CM-Superuser - cm-10.1-20130612-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

(md5: f0d5a04e8b16704dfec998eb16b7284b

Version with SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1-20130612-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

(md5: 0719373807959841b1b9bdcf9aaa9a21

Version with SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1-20130612-NIGHTLY-cooper++fb.zip

(md5: 9329ff422f25cd99699caa209544421f

Extras Package: extras_2013-06-12.zip(not cwm flashable)

(md5: c059874eab90447f05a92713354ff0c5


Version with CM-Superuser - cm-10.1-20130610-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

(md5: 167c84c1a80da32e5989c1dbb590272b

Version with SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1-20130610-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

(md5: 98c45e4ffb5b26819515804cea9d93a4

Version with SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1-20130610-NIGHTLY-cooper++fb.zip

(md5: d60561ce46df379eeb310ae6ac2bb19d

Extras Package: extras_2013-06-10.zip(not cwm flashable)

(md5: 88b18aa64fd0728394750584f07b65ba


Version with CM-Superuser - cm-10.1-20130511-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

(md5: e08bdd2cb53de3c5be8729da4cb2d862

Version with SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1-20130511-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

(md5: ff00f8a3960bd6d569326c3b3c03070d

Version with SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1-20130511-NIGHTLY-cooper++fb.zip

(md5: 76673a828dd66bba29d7fe59688b6c32

Extras Package: extras_2013-05-11.zip (not cwm flashable)


Version with CM-Superuser - cm-10.1.0-RC1-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

(md5: 38c115ffa13c3c8547b5d243a8016314)

Version with SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1.0-RC1-GT-S5830-cooper++.zip

(md5: d27d5014db98f03c1d14ec0d3352453c)

Version with SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1.0-RC1-GT-S5830-cooper++fb.zip

(md5: 32e272db5fcbc157dfbc526f2f0013d4)

Extras Package: extras_2013-05-07.zip(not cwm flashable)


Version avec CM-Superuser - cm-10.1-20130412-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

Version avec SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1-20130412-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

Version avec SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1-20130412-NIGHTLY-cooper++fb.zip


Version avec CM-Superuser - cm-10.1-20130411-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

Version avec SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1-20130411-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

Version avec SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1-20130411-NIGHTLY-cooper++fb.zip


Version avec CM-Superuser - cm-10.1-20130329-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

Version avec SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1-20130329-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

Version avec SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1-20130329-NIGHTLY-cooper++fb.zip


Version avec CM-Superuser - cm-10.1-20130327-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

Version avec SuperSU - susu-cm-10.1-20130327-NIGHTLY-cooper++.zip

Version avec SuperSU and Facebook sync ability - susu-cm-10.1-20130327-NIGHTLY-cooper++fb_sync.zip

Additions :

Pour permettre BLN support: NSTools

Pour configurer BLN: BLN-Control-Free or BLN-Control-Pro

Apps to SD: Link2SD

File Explorer: Total Commander (included in builds since 2013-04-03)

New PlayStore 4.0.25 (2013-04-09): PlayStore(included in builds since 2013-04-11)

New PlayStore 4.0.26 (2013-04-19): PlayStore(will be included in next builds)

FM-Radio: Spirit FM (Spirit is a real, tuned, over-the-air FM radio app for Android. It does not require Internet access.)

CM10.1 Wallpaper: cm10.1-Wallpaper.zip

CM10.1 Live Wallpaper: cm10.1-live_wallpaper_apks.zip

source : http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2212438

Edited by Teoandro
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La release du 2013-04-26 n'as pas de lien pour les versions avec SuperSU et avec SuperSU and Facebook sync ability... Enfin si ils y sont, mais ce ne sont pas des hyperliens liens, donc on ne peut pas cliquer dessus, et ils sont trop longs pour les copier/coller dans l'URL ;)

Edited by x_DrEaM3uR
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OUAOU ! ça me change de l'ancienne cyanogen 10.1 ! C'est vraiment fluide ! Je retrouve mon regretté galaxy s2 ! Merci pour cette Rom Teoandro.

Ps : juste un wipe cache + dalvik cache a suffit pour moi. :D

Edited by toutoune28
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Comment faire exactement ?

Comment faire pour avoir toutes les émojis ?

Avec l'appli SMS AOSP/CM JB, tu as les Emojis, il suffit de les activer dans les paramètres SMS... Pour cela, vas sur ton appli SMS, appuis sur la touche menu, choisis paramètres, et vers le bas, tu as une option "Activer les Emojis" ;)

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C'est clair : j'ai essayé de faire tourner VECTOR sur ma rom apocalypse cm7 et celle ci CM10.1 ...ça galere !

sur des roms comme monster ou ultimatum : pas de souci :)

...pourtant j'ai des scores antutu semblables. (mais pas pour la 3D ou le proc apparemment

Edited by Ryujin
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