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[ROM] CM10.1 AOSP 4.2.2 Jellybean [KANG] [Mar-11-b2]

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CyanogenMod 10.1 Jellybean 4.2.2 - KANG


CyanogenMod is an enhanced open source firmware distribution for smartphones and tablet computers based on the Android mobile operating system. It offers features and options not found in the official firmware distributed by vendors of these devices. Features supported by CyanogenMod include native theming support, FLAC audio codec support, a large Access Point Name list, an OpenVPN client, an enhanced reboot menu, support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB tethering, CPU overclocking and other performance enhancements, soft buttons and other "tablet tweaks", toggles in the notification pull-down (such as wi-fi, Bluetooth and GPS), app permissions management, as well as other interface enhancements. CyanogenMod does not contain spyware or bloatware. In many cases, CyanogenMod may increase performance and reliability compared with official firmware releases.

Source: CyanogenMod Wiki





Installation Instructions


* Rooted (obviously)

* Firmware 3.33 (Universal). Read this post for more infor and download link CLICK HERE


1: If you are coming from another ROM do a full wipe

1a: if this is just an update to THIS ROM BASE you can simply wipe cache and dalvik cache

2: Flash gapps (download below)

3: Reboot

3b: If you want to make changes to the CPU/GPU clock speeds, I/O, or CPU governor settings, edit /system/etc/init.d/99kernel (outlined below)

4: Enjoy CyanogenMod 10.1

Please read the whole post for changelog, Download links, and other important info

Please also take the time to check out this great FAQ and General Support thread created/moderated by Skipjacks It contains a lot of useful information, It would also be great if users try to keep general Q&A questions and other ROM discussion in this thread, It will help weed out the non-development posts and make things go fater for me, which means faster development for you smile.gif

Updates:: Hey there, heres a new update. It should fix Volume Rocker Wake not showing it settings (Cyangen made it an overlay). Also fixed recording with FFC by imported bruce's media_profiles and media_codecs xmls. You have to clear data and cache for Gallery for the changes to work. Also a few upstream changes. As always: remember it takes a FULL charge from AC, and a full discharge then re charge batteryt to be accurate. Also leave it plugged in for up to an hour at 100%, Another thing i find helps battery life is to make custom auto-adjustment values if you use auto-brightness. Check below for full changelog Feedback always welcome Please read the Kernel section for more info and full config options for the kernel.











SD Card


Native Wi-Fi Tethering

1080p Video Recording

Not Working

LPA (Low Power Audio) Playback (broken in all JB roms, and has been for awhile, needs ION)



* Reverted the removal of CPU min/max freq, CPU gov, and I/O (ondemand still default)

* Upstream changes


* Updated kernel base to Linux 3.0.68

* Removed settings from kernel init script that can be configured in CM's Performance settings menu

Note: init script still sets min cpu freq to 384mhtz as its still strongly advised

* Set default governor to ondemand

* Added support in kernel init script to enable tun.ko

* Upstream changes. I think there were some updates to DeskClock (alarm clock) and a few other minor updates


* Fixed video recording with FFC. If you still get Force Closes clear data and cache for Gallery

* Imported bruce's media_codecs.xml and media_profiles.xml (this is what fixed FFC video recording)

* Minor upstream changes

Mar-8 (Internal)

* Fixed Volume Rocker Wake not showing in Settings>Display

* Reverted CRT Hack in kernel - Not needed for cm-10.1

* Now using Team-Hydra display-legacy and media legacy repos as they are maintained

* Switched to Team-Hydra frameworks/av repo as it has a more complete Camera patch

* Merged new KGSL from bruce's kernel

* Upstream Changes including new weather icons for cLock

* Minor cleanup and changes

* Wallpaper reseting to default should be fixed (I guess this was a side-effect of small PMEM MDP)


* Minor tweak to pmem to fix AOSP_BASE growing into framebuffer (very rare that this would happen anyway but fixed)

* Switched back to the other display-legacy and media-legacy repos i was using as they are being kept up to date by the maintainer

* Upstream changes


* Finally figured out the math behind mapping pemem so I could increase its size without trashing FrameBuffer

* Soft-reboots should be gone now due to the PMEM increase

* A Couple cherry-picks that might help with video playback (probably not though)

* Upstream: Switched to new superuser by koush

* Other upstream changes I don't remember. Check Gerrit for details.


* Updated kernel base to Linux 3.0.67

* Switched to badass for default governor

* Full GooManager support

* Cleaned up kernel defconfig and disabled a few more un-needed debugging options

* Upstream: Brightness tile (toggle) fix

* Cherry Pick: Camera: add exposure and JPEG quality settings to video camera

* Cherry Pick (Update): Camera: add much more scene & focus modes

* Other upstream changes not listed here, Mainly translations

Mar-2 (internal)

* Reverted all the pmem changes, Can't reporduce gralloc crash anymore with latest upstream changes, it seems

* Enabled libv8 Optimizations

* Switched to new display-legacy and media-legacy repo's, fixed video thumbnails not working correctly

* Upstream changes


* Ok 3rd times the charm: Fixed display glitches smile.gif

* Fixed gov for 2nd cpu not being set

* Added Goo Manager

* Lots of upstream changes


* Really fixed the display glitches introduced in last build (thanks NLJ)

* Re-enabled sweep2wake in kernel (still disabled by default) as NLJ's fix as become more stable

* Re-enabled lagfree cpu governor and VR I/O scheduler

* Some upstream changes


* Upstream Changes: Mainly translations and one fix for the pull down notifications (very minor, mainly when clearing notifications when there is only one)

* Re-added ROM specific changelog to build (got lost during merge to 4.2.2)

* Fixed display glitches from the last build


* Upstream changes

* Tweaked low-end cpu voltages a bit to try and fix soft-reboots when waking the device

* removed the two highest freq's as thats a little high for a stock kernel

* Switched back to GZIP compression because it now confrimed LZO has no performance boost and makes a bigger kernel which takes longer to boot, S-ON lingeer'rs give hhis a try please maybe we will be [mention d'application hors charte]

* Removed VR I/O scheduler

* Possibly fixed the gralloc errors errors (and subsequent reboot) by increasing pmem size in kernel (thanks bruce)

* Switched back to audio-legacy to try and address gtalk video chat issues


* Further trimmed the kernel to hopefully reslove bootloops for the stragglers

* Kernel now compiled with a linaro Cortex-a8 optimized toolchain

* Remozed lagfree gov

* Some upstream changes, Mainly framework

* Switched to RIL legacy to try and fix carrier issues (this is how it is in bruce's repo)


* Really fixed bootloops

* Forgot to merge upstream changes for Camera in last build


* Tried to resolve bootloops for some people

* Uploaded a number of test kernels if there are still issues

* A decent about of Upstream changes


* Kernel now based on bruce's branch

* merged voltage table from ChronicKernel

* Merged changes from sultan kernel to compile with linaro

* Disabled ZRAM and KSM

* Fixed Sweep2Wake (thanks NLJ)

* Disabled some kernel debuging

* Added max screen off freq config in kernel init script

* Added SIO, User configurable GPU OC, Fsync control

* Minor Upstream changes

Old Changelogs



Kernel now based on Bruce's kernel with a few changes by me, including:

* Compiled with linaro

* Set flash to disable if battery is below 10% to prevent the random shut-off when taking a pic

* Removed/Disabled KSM

* Removed ZRAM

* Optimized and compiled with with the "Optimize a lot, or -o3 option)

* Added more I/O schedulers

* Tweaked voltages a bit

These settings were changed by me to help make the kernel more stable with our ROM, observed with tests by me. If you want more features of the Sultan kernel feel free to flash it, but support will not be provided in this thread.

Other Features of the kernel include:

* OC to 1866Mhtz (default 1566Mhtz)

* Undervolted

* Compiled with linaro

* User-configurable CPU OC

* User-configurable CPU default governor (ondemand = default)

* User-configurable I/O scheduler (default = SIO)

* User-configurable badass gonvernor (default = balanced)

* User-configurable GPU OC (Not OC'd by default)

* Sweep2Wake

* Adjusted PMEM mdp growth from 32MB to 40MB for AOSP 4.2.2 (fixes soft-reboots)

You can edit many of the settings in /system/etc/init.d/99kernel, here is a snippet of the script with all the config options

Kernel init script: Click Show Content to expand


* Bluetooth is a bit glitchy, I don't have a device to test it with

* MHL doesn't work

* Chrome is glitchy, use a different browser

* Video Playback is glitchy. Don't use Gallery use MX Player and in MX Player settings choose Software decoder


* As of Feb-19 CyanognMod changed the way the reboot menu works. To enable the "Advanced Reboot" menu with recovery and bootloader go to Settings>Developer Options and Check Advanced Reboot

* As of AOSP 4.2.2 ADB now has a whitelist feature. On first connect with adb it will say device offline You need to update your ADB then with the phone connected. Disable and Re-Enable Android Debugging in the Developer Options menu. It will ask if you want to accept and show the PC's RSA key. Select Yes and it will now work as expected

* If your homescreen does not look right (big margins) go to System Settings>Launcher>homescreen[/b] click Stretch screens. Then choose grid size and set rows to 5.[

* As of AOSP 4.2.1 Developer Options and Performance setting menu options are hidden until you go into about phone and tap build number repeatedly (aprox. 6 times) this only needs to be done once

* If you are having a lot of soft reboots when waking the device set you min CPU freq. to 384htz in Performance settings. (What? no Performance settings? ummm look up hehe)

* If you are coming from another ROM i highly recommend you perform and Wipe Date/Factory Reset in recovery menu when applying this ROM.

* The gapps linked to does not have photosphere. As far as i know it's not supposed to. If you want photophere search for the flashable zip

* If you can't get MMS to work. Send yourself a MMS. or just wait a day. eventually they will work again

* For the best battery life I suggest the stock settings with the exception of the ONDEMAND governor. Switching to BADASS will yield best battery results


ROM : cm-10.1-20130311-Albinoman887-pyramid.zip-b2

Gapps : gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip

Goo.im Repo : CLICK HERE

* This ROM can also be downloaded directly with GooManager *

Source Code

My Github: https://github.com/Albinoman887

CyanogenMod Github: https://github.com/CyanogenMod


* First off of course cyanogen, the CyanogenMod project and all who contribute.

* Bruce2728 for doing all the leg-work originally to get get CM-10 on our Sensation, most of which was used for CM-10.1

* Evervolv Team for their device tree. This was largely what was needed to get the build going.

* mikez for all his work on the Evervolv/pyramid tree.

* NLJ for making the diff patch of Evervolv's frameworks_av repo to get camera working

* jiggs82 for all his helpful hints.

* And any and all users in this thread who contirbuted or will contribute to making this ROM as stable as possible

* dastin1015 for answering all my n00bish questions, and providing helpful hints and solutions

* android1234567 for all the help with the kernel, without you we wouldn't have new kernel

* tarfu for fixing camera p2z

* blahb14hblah for his hint to the extra scrolling tweak in frameworks/base

* NLJ for fixing the Sweep2Wake proximity sensor issue

* Skipjacks for maintaining the Q&A thread


I really didn't want to do this but people keep asking so here is a donation link if you want to buy me a coffee or pack of smokes (I go through a lot sitting on the PC messing around lol) go ahead. But not required or expected by any means smile.gif


For more information like compiling, see 2nd post

Happy Flashing



Lien original: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2115520

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Moi perso, je suis sur la version du 26, j'avais test celle du 25 avant et je trouve que ça tourne vraiment pas mal, utilisable sans problèmes au quotidien, tout à l'air de fonctionner sans problèmes! A essayer pour les curieux! :)

(Aucun reboot en 2 jours, quelques petits lags assez râre mais globalement je trouve ça très raisonnable pour une jeune beta.)

Edited by AsK'n
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Aucun bug non plus à signaler sur la galerie et sur la prise de vidéo ainsi que la lecture pour ma part sur la release du 29.


Sinon perso, je n'ai jamais su blairer la surcouche sense, dés le début avec mon HTC, je trouvais ça brouillon, bordelique, peu ergonomique et très peu esthétique en ce qui me concerne. J'avais direct opté pour MIUI à l'époque qui s'inspirait nettement + d'IOS en terme d'ergonomie et de design. Ce que je préférais d'ailleur car à cette époque je trouvais Android (2.2/2.3) assez moche et encore en état de maturation pour moi.

Une fois ICS arrivé, je n'ai jamais pu me détacher de l'AOSP! Je trouve que le menu d'applis et quelques autres trucs sont encore à rendre plus "user friendly" mais dans l'ensemble, je trouve l'interface épurée, minimaliste, ergonomique et assez stylée ayant acquis dorénavant sa propre identité et une fluidité satisfaisante.

Par contre, j'ai pu tester un Galaxy S3 (4.0.4) il y peu et j'ai trouvé l'ensemble super fluide et l'interface graphique pas si mal réussie. Je vais certainement me faire troller pour le coups, mais je préfère largement la direction que prend Touchwizz à celle de sense.

Edited by AsK'n
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Oh oui c est dur de revenir en AOSP quand on est resté longtemps sous Sense B) C est plus du tout la meme facon d utiliser le téléphone.

J avais fais de meme en me mettant en CyanoGen, je suis pas resté longtemps, trop sombre, je cherchais aprés Sense ^^

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