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Flasher quand on a un message "Battery low - Cannot Program"


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Après un flashage raté de mon DEFY, je me suis retrouvé avec un téléphone ne voulant plus se mettre en route, ne voulant plus se charger. Impossible également de le re-flasher : j'avais le message suivant

"Battery low

Cannot program"

Après une (courte) recherche sur Google, j' ai trouvé ce topic


I ran into trouble with the battery problem also. Here's how I solved that problem. Read first. Then proceed at your own risk!

You will need a spare USB cable (will be cut). Any printer or scanner ones.

Cut the end that has the square plug (not the computer flat plug side)

Strip the red and black wires. Red is Vcc (+5) and black is ground. Get the 2 other wires and excessive out of the way.

Remove the battery and you will see 4 contact pins on the phone that the battery contact pins goes to (it flexes up and down).

Hook the red usb wire (+5) to the far left pins (towards the camera flash).

Hook the black usb wire (ground) to the far right (towards the sim card).

Make sure the red is not touching any other metal except the pin. If necessary, secure with electrical tape.

Verify the connections by looking at the polarity label on the battery itself.

Plug the usb into the computer and that should solve the battery problem.

Plug the USB data cable to your phone and reflash or do whatever you need to do.

Make sure you unplug the cable from the computer before removing the wires from the pins.

Basically, it's just bypassing the battery. Hopes that helps.


J'ai pu ainsi remettre en marche et reflasher mon DEFY.

En espérant que cela pourra être utile...

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Utile, oui, si on cherche à flinguer le téléphone, et accessoirement foutre le feu à la batterie.

Une batterie Li-Ion ne se charge pas sous plus de 4.5 V, maxi absolu, ce n'est donc absolument pas une bonne idée de conseiller de le brancher sur le 5V de l'USB.

Il existe des chargeurs universels capables de charger ces batteries.

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