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[ROM] KANGY11 | ICS | AOKP | Download from ROM Manager | 02/02/2012

il y as eu une petite mise à jour pour le thème par contre pas moyen de mettre les boutons plus le thème... :(

est ce que votre data s'allume a chaque reboot ? avec la milestone 3 ?

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Ha bah ça ne me le fait plus... :)

Build 22

posted 4 hours ago by Roman Birg [ updated 3 hours ago ]

Important: New Gapps package is bare, so there is no legal trouble for anyone. Please do not ask us to include any extra apps. A wipe is required. I'm sorry if it's missing some apps not available in your country via the Market, but that's the exact reason we cannot include them in the package. This means Google Wallet is no longer included in. It will still work, but you must add it yourself. Thanks for your understanding.

Build 22 is still 4.0.3. Every single build and milestone is built directly from source. As such, we must wait for Google to release sources for 4.0.4. After that, we'll be working day and night to merge the new changes and bring you the latest!

  • Toggles on by default, disabled auto-hide by default
  • Added a hide USB debugging icon toggle
  • Added power key shutter for camera (Daneesh)
  • Added 'Always show lockscreen battery %' toggle (syaoran12)
  • Added option to disable scrolling cache (pawitp, AndroidON)
  • Added ability to slide statusbar to change brightness (Danesh)
  • Removed off state of alternate toggles (they're always white now, so it's easier to see)
  • Updated brightness slider code to be consistent with brightness changes
  • Updated sync toggle to keep it's state updated
  • Initial implementation of weather display (currently ONLY available above your carrier text in the drop down, more to come later)
  • Added ability to set custom DPI
  • Fixed weird phone layouts
  • Long click on a link now allows you to choose between opening in incognito/regular tab (Danesh)
  • Added a "Link mute states" check box in volume settings in case you don't want your notifications being muted when putting your phone in mute

Device specific changes:

  • toro: updated binaries with 4.0.4 leak
  • toro & maguro: reverted to stock auto-brightness settings for now

New devices "supported":

  • Motorola Xoom (stingray and wingray)
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1" - Verizon (p4vzw) and 3G (p4) variants

Please send feedback on what works/doesn't work in these builds. Be descriptive as possible. Don't report bugs from these newly added devices to the bug tracker yet.


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Cette Rom m'a l'air parfaite, juste un petit truc , on ne peut pas o/c (ou je n'ai pas trouvé comment ^^ ) , le maxi est a 1MHz

sinon pour l'instant c'est la mieux adaptée pour mon utilisation.

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