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[ROM] [NOUGAT] le oneplus one sous android 7

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sur XDA , un premier portage de Nougat sur le 1


pour l instant au satde experimental et avec de nombreux bug  http://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one/orig-development/experimental-unofficial-android-7-0-t3449175


Le seul bug majeur est que  la capture video ne fonctionne pas , soucis d encodage materiel du flux video



Guide to flashing this properly (TWRP v3.0.2-0):

  1. Download ROM zip from OP and Google Keyboard flashable zip, as well as any of the zips I linked below.
  2. Wipe your device (data, cache, dalvik/ART cache; preferably even system, just to be as "clean" as possible)
    (NOTE: This ROM actually booted for me even on a dirty flash from an MM custom ROM, and as a result I didn't face a lot of the problems you'd face on clean flash (GApps crashes, continuous qti app FCs, etc)
    But a lot of my apps were crashing until I reinstalled them, and in any case, it is not advised to dirty flash when coming from MM)
  3. Flash ROM zip and keyboard zip, optionally any of the following addons (DO NOT FLASH GAPPS YET):
    -SuperSU (v2.68+) for root
    -Any of the mods I linked below
    -Any other mods like Viper4Android etc (AT YOUR OWN RISK)
  4. Boot into the ROM. you'll probably see a lot of crashes, ignore them, and just find a PC for the next step
    (Optionally, you could try to enable Developer Options by tapping past the FC dialogs, once you have DevOps enabled, you'll see an option to mute FC notifications till next boot)
  5. Using ADB on your PC, disable the com.qti.dpmserviceapp package by running following commands:
    adb devices
    You should see a device in the list of devices connected
    adb shell
    pm disable com.qti.dpmserviceapp
    If you get error with permissions, you may need root. If your device is rooted:
    pm disable com.qti.dpmserviceapp
    (SKIP 5, 6 & 7 if you do not need Google services)
  6. Now reboot into recovery and flash a compatible GApps package (USE 7.0 GAPPS ONLY)
    Boot into ROM
  7. Go to Settings>Apps
    Find Google Play Services, and go to its Permissions. Enable essential permissions. Now Play Services won't keep crashing on you. Also find Google Contact Sync and give it permission to access Contacts.
  8. Go to Settings>Accounts and add your Google account
  9. Profit
  10. Praise DuARTe
  11. Hit Thanks if this helped


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