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[ROM] [GEN2] Gingerbread 2.3.5 - Swedish Snow RLS7

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SSRLS4b installé donc depuis dimanche, et ce matin "espace insufisant" en voulant mettre à jour Google Maps.

Problème, j'ai plus de 200Mo de libre ?? C'est quoi la feinte ? :-/


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Redémarre. Et as-tu utilisé une méthode "normale" pour cracker ton Blade ? Avec quelque-chose qui te redimensionne tes partitions ?

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Updated to RLS5. Couple of new screenshots in the first post. RLS5 turned out to be a bit bigger update than I expected so I'm putting it out now to get some feedback. Many things have changed so you can consider this again as an early release. There might some bugs that need to be ironed out and I probably have to do at least one more release after this one. Haven't really had time to look into the new kernel so I'm still using the good old Turies based source. I'll post something built from the new source for people having touchscreen/camera issues in few days. Wipe shouldn't be needed updating from previous version, but if you have problems of any kind, do a full wipe first. No wipe, no whine policy still stands. Don't be alarmed when you have blank statusbar after a clean installation. There's something that doesn't like to be edited in statusbar layout but everything will be back to normal after a reboot (or after you plug your phone into a computer via USB). Couple of the old add-ons now unnecessary, added an add-on for classic gingerbread green circle battery mod, others add-ons just renamed. Only use add-ons/themes that were made using RLS5 files.


http://www.mediafire...quir9ur4nydul99 (mirror)


Swedish-Snow-RLS5-TPT.zip (see the first post for installation instructions)



Known bugs:

-Blank statusbar at the first boot after a clean installation (or a TPT). Reboot your phone!








RLS5 changelog:

-completely re-wrote the ROM settings and few of the features

-added checkbox preference for long press back key kills foreground app. Delay still three times normal.

-added checkbox preference for volume key cursor controls

-added statusbar software keys. HOME, MENU and BACK softkeys with long press functions. (thanks to CyanogenMod)

-added checkbox preference for statusbar sofkeys. You need to reboot your phone for this setting to take effect.

-added framework patch to support MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators). I'm not held responsible for any roaming charges. (Inspired by leromarinvit)

-added checkbox preference for MVNO roaming. This equals ticking 'national roaming' box in CM7. You need to reboot your phone or use airplane mode for the setting to take effect.

-added swipe to clear notifications. Individual notifications can be cleared by swiping them to left or right (thanks to CyanogenMod)

-added VOLUME UP key works as shutter button in camera app. Pressing the key focuses and releasing the key takes the photo. VOLUME UP key also starts/stops recording in camcorder.

-kernel with overclocked GPU and OXI bus (thanks to wbaw for the patches)

-updated Maps and Youtube

-updated Google services framework

-removed flashlight

-tweaked TCP buffer sizes

-fixed some portuguese translations (thanks to jventura and HeartMode)

-updated hosts file

-switched to 128mb /system TPT. (thanks to Amphoras for the layout)

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J'ai basculé le blade de ma femme de la moldovan à la dernière swedish snow (full wipe) et je n'ai plus les paramètres dans l'appli système téléphone. Je suis le seul ?

Je vais lui mettre une application tierce genre go contact.

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Oui pour les 3 wipes.

As-tu les paramètres dans l'appli téléphone (options contacts) ?

Chose curieuse aussi, ayant tous mes contacts en double, j'ai effacé le cache de la liste de contacts pour tous les enlever (comme je l'ai déjà fait) et au moment de les remettre, que ce soit par transfert de la carte sd ou rapatriement des contacts de la sim, ou ne serait-ce qu'en rajoutant manuellement un contact, l'appli ne prend rien.

Peut importe, je suis en train d'essayer go contacts et exdialer qui sont pas mal.

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Si tu importe tes contacts de la sim ou de la sd, la synchro Google importe ceux de gmail également et tu te retrouve avec des doublons. Soit tu désactive la synchro, soit tu ne les importe pas.

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Merci pour les précisions que je connais.

N'utilisant pas la synchro et ne mettant pas mes contacts sur gmail (choix personnel), j'ai toujours fait cela manuellement sans problème.

Je demandais juste si vous aviez l'option paramètres dans l'option contact pour la swedish snow 5 ?

Bon, j'ai trouvé. Konstat l'a supprimé depuis la swedish snow.

Putting the CM7 T9 dialer to a non-CM7 ROM caused few issues. It's still in MMHMP-RLS9 and if you really wan't it, you could use Contact.apk and ContactProvider.apk from that ROM.

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Tiens, un nouveau kernel de Konstat a tester avec la RLS5. S'il n'y a pas de bug, ce kernel sera intégré à la RLS6.


Here is a kernel built from the new ZTE Blade source. This should fix touchscreen/camera/sensor issues some users are having. Also the new wifi driver is included. Please test wifi and report if you have issues (with connecting/speed). This should have all of the features that were in the previous kernel. If everything works ok, I'll put this as default into RLS6. I've been forking burstlam's source again, so thanks and massive appreciation to him. Complete sourcehere.




Edit. V2 with CM7 wifi driver.

Here is package that will revert to old Turies based kernel and old wifi driver. This is the same kernel as in RLS5 but with the CPU Spy (time_in_state) issue fixed.




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Salut Sami. Je viens de l'essayer sur la Moldovan et cela fonctionne.

Apn ok

Wifi ok avec 54mb, mais ayant les deux blade côte à côte, le signal wifi est constamment meilleur avec la Swedish snow (5-8 db de différence avec network signal info). Je ne captais pas la wifi dans la cuisine avec la moldovan alors que j'y arrive un tout petit peu avec la swedish snow.

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