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[ROM] WolfBreak XPERIA TW Gingerbread 2.3.3 V6.0

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Avec une appli du style AntTek app manager, essaie de désinstaller les mises à jour !

Ce n'est plus compatible car FC.

lien dispo sur xda mais je ne le trouve plus...

visuellement le nouveau market est pas vilain ( bien que ce soit pompé Windows phone )... mais pu*%in qu est ce que ça mouline sans la 3g ou le wifi...

Merci pour vos réponse :D mais je crois que je vais le garder ,j'utilise rarement le market .... :P

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Update 4.0.4


Stock Kernel alot faster now

included modded ramdisk to load init.d and init.local.rc Scripts

New 3.13 Market [its faster]

Compcache included

New Notification Bar Icons [thanks rablex] [if you dont like them here are others to flash]

Notification Bar Date fixed [thanks rablex]

bad GPS for some Users fixed

Audio Tweak from my old CM ROM included

New Goro Kernel [OC,DC,UV, better Battery life then 4.0.3]

Cleaned Tweaks File and included new Tweaks

Fixed Governors

Some libs modified

Timescape Extension Search and Xperia Games App included.

SQLite included

alot new improvements so check it out


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